10 ways to Save on Gas Bill at Home

We will show you a few tips on how to manage your gas bill. The way we use natural gas plays a big role in monthly gas bills. As the winter season is coming in Pakistan, gas consumption/ usage increases and ultimately gas bill also increases exponentially. We will show you quick tips on how to save gas energy and money on your gas bill. When we use more gas, it will affect our bills in two ways; the bill increases due to increased gas volume and also due to the change in rate slab. Visit the following page, to know more about gas billing.
Sui Gas Bill Calculation Method

We use natural gas in many ways at home; mainly for cooking, room heating and water heating. So we have divided these tips into three main categories.

Save on Gas Consumption in Room Heating

We require room heating depending on the weather condition. From November to February, people of Pakistan use natural gas for room heating to make the indoor temperature of our homes bearable. Following are the tips to save on gas consumption in room heating.
  1. Instead of heating the whole house, consider heating only those areas which are supposed to use more. For example, turn off room heaters during day-time when most of the people rest in the lounge or another area of your home.
  2. Use thick clothes and socks to keep yourself warm instead of only relying on the heating system.
  3. Properly insulate rooms. There should be no vent or space (no matter how small how it is) from where outside cool air can pass inside.
  4. When the sun shines during the day, Keep your blinds and curtains open to let the sunlight in. Close all your curtains at nights.
  5. Use thick curtains on windows.
  6. Carpets and floor mats also help to insulate your house.
  7. Use insulated panels or foam sheets to cover your windows. 

Save on Gas Consumption in Water Heating

In the winter season we also need warm water for bathing, washing and kitchen utensils cleaning. We use geysers for water heating. We will discuss here how we can save on water heating.
  1. Use solar water heaters instead of gas water heaters. These heaters use sunlight to heat up the domestic water. It is a one-time investment and will pay you back for several years by heating water without gas or electricity.
  2. If solar water heaters or not feasible in your area then prefer instant gas gezers instead of vertical gas geysers. Instant gas geysers are more energy-efficient than vertical type geysers.
  3. And if you have already installed a vertical type gas geyser, at least use conical baffle/ gas saver cone in it. It will minimize heat losses.
  4. Use Geyser Timer Device (GTD). Geyser Timer Device is installed in the conventional gas geyser and operated through the smartphone. It can be installed on thermostate and can be controlled by a mobile application. It automatically turns ON and Off as per the user's pre-defined times.
  5. Properly insulate hot water pipeline.
  6. Close shower mixers when not in use.
Safety Tip: Never install instant geyser inside the washroom as it may cause suffocation hazard in case of gas leakage.

Reduce Gas Consumption in Kitchen

We use Sui Gas in kitchens throughout the year irrespective of the season and major portion of the gas consumed in the kitchen for cooking and in making of the food. So when we decided to reduce the gas bill, we must consider its saving in the kitchen.

  1. Turn off gas burners or stove when not in use.
  2. Try to serve the meals to the whole family at the same time. It will save you from reheating the cooked meal.
  3. Don't use poor quality burners. It gives low-quality flames as they cannot make good air-natural gas ratio.

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