How to Save Electricity at Home

Conserving electricity not only helps to save a lot of money but it also helps to stop global warming as saving on electricity is a type of energy saving. Pakistan is facing electricity shortfall due to which some areas of the country face load-shedding in peak hours of summer. By saving electricity we help to reduce electricity shortfall. And if we can able to save enough electric energy, it will be used to supply to far from rural areas of the country where there is no electricity even in this advanced era.

How to Save the Electricity Bill at Home

Electricity bill is a major shareholder of domestic expenses. Saving electricity has become a major concern for many people due to increasing electricity bills. Tips to save electricity ranges from simple behavioral changes to expensive appliances replacement. You don't need 100 ways to save electricity in order to see a big difference in your next WAPDA or KESC bill. You just need to follow some proven ways to save electricity at home.

10 ways to Save Electricity at Home

10 Ways to Save Electricity

Many people ask, "How to reduce electricity bill?" And even if someone is not asking about it, he still thinks about energy conversation. There are many power saving tips but here we will show you some proven and practical ways to save on your electric bill. 

1. Energy Saving Products

Check the power rating of all the electric appliances in your home and you will see that electric appliances of obsolete/ older technology use much more power than that of new technology. 
  • Buy energy efficient appliances. Now all new electric appliances come with an energy efficiency rating. An electric oven with A+ rating will save 40 percent electricity than a B rated oven. While A+++ is the most energy saving products.
  • Replace old CRT Television Sets with the latest LED TV
  • Replace old Computer Monitors with the latest LED display
  • Replace old incandescent electric bulbs with energy savers or LED lights

2. Save Electricity Using Inverter AC

Air conditioners use most of the electricity in the summer season. You can save up to 60 percent of electricity consumed by airconditioners by replacing old window type and simple split air conditioners with latest Inverter ACs. Now there are other inverter type electric appliances e.g. refrigerators available in the market. Inverter AC is the latest technology which helps to save on your electricity bill. Use air-conditioners only when the outside temperature really becomes unbearable. 

3. Turn Off Standby Appliances

Turn off all your appliances at the plug which are not currently in use. Some gadgets like computer, laptop, printer, TVs, microwave ovens, modems and chargers consume electricity while they are plugged in, even when they are inactive.

4. Use Small Appliances

Do not buy larger appliances than are actually needed. Big appliances e.g. air conditioners, refrigerators, LED TVs, ovens etc use more electric power. So start using small television and a small air conditioner in small rooms. If a 1 ton AC can cool your room, don't install a 1.5 ton AC. Also, a bigger TV doesn't make any sense in small size rooms. Likewise, small size refrigerators and ovens are sufficient for small families. Unplugging electric appliances, when they are not in use, can save a lot of electricity.

5. Make Use of Natural Light

Making use of natural light during the day may save a lot of electricity. While designing and constructing your home, locate your windows in such a way that they can illuminate your rooms with sunlight during daytime. 

6. Turn off Unnecessary Lights at Night

Keeping ON a porch light or unnecessary lights in other areas of the house all night long can waste a lot of electricity. Decorative lights can be replaced with solar-powered lights. If you have lights for security purpose, consider getting automatic security lights.

7. Use Solar Panels instead of UPS

Consider having a small to medium solar panels set up as it will not only save energy directly by charging the batteries by using sunlight but it will also save you from the energy costs wasted in UPS while transforming AC to DC for storing on batteries and then again AC current for using it on AC running appliances. A lot of electric energy losses during this process in UPS. You can save this direct and indirect electric load by using solar panels instead of UPS.

8. Insulate your House

It is important to make sure that your house is not releasing too much cooling during summer by sealing all the vents and cracks. Use heavy dark color curtains to save cooling from being wasted from thin glass windows. It is also equally important to reduce incoming heat from the house by painting your rooftop with white or light color paints. 

9. Use Natural Ventilation

Just like natural light, natural ventilation is also very important. You can lower the temperature of your house by opening the windows and letting the natural air come in in the evenings and in the mornings. If cross ventilation is possible, give it a try and you will feel much difference in the inside temperature and bills too.

10. Avoid Clothes Dryer/ Spinner in Summer

Cloth spinner is a very useful home appliance in winter but in the summer season, it is not of much use. You can dry your clothes on the laundry line instead of using a spinner for this purpose.

This post is written keeping in mind homes but you will found many of these electricity saving tips for offices, shops, flats and other commercial buildings too.
I wrote this post in a hope that it will help to save electricity bills of the people who adopt any or all of these energy saving tips. If any of these tips help you or you have any other energy saving ideas, you are welcome to write it in the comments.


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