Check biodata details hidden in NADRA CNIC ID Card Number

13 digits of CNIC number are not random numbers instead these numbers have a lot of hidden information in it. So you can know and tell many details about the CNIC holder just from the CNIC number. We will reveal this procedure with our respected readers in this post.
NADRA's CNIC is the identity of every Pakistani but very few people know details regarding its number. Although you see your identity card almost every day, no one has ever told you the meaning of the 13 digit code written on it.
CNIC Card Number Details

How to Check biodata details hidden in NADRA CNIC ID Card Number

Here is the procedure of how to decode the CNIC number.

1st digit

The very first digit of a CNIC number shows the province e.g. in the example below 3 tells that the holder of the CNIC belongs to Punjab province.
1 for KPK
2 for FATA
3 for Punjab
4 for Sindh
5 for Balochistan
6 for Islamabad
7 for Gilgit Baltistan

2nd digit

The second digit represents the division. In the number shown in the example below, 4 indicates that the holder belongs to the 4th division of Punjab which is Gujranwala.

3rd digit

It shows the district of the division. 2 in the example below stands for Gujrat district.

4th digit

The fourth digit is for the tehsil. If it is '0', it means that district and the tehsil are the same. e.g. '0' in the example below depicts that the ID card holder belongs to tehsil and district Gujrat. And if this is a different number then it is for any other tehsil of the district.

5th digit

5th digit is for union council number.

Next Seven Digits

Next seven digits (between the two dashes) are family number and these are unique for every family. All family members are linked to each other in blood relationships; all of these individuals are determined by the same middle code. A family tree is also formed by the same code.

Last digit

At last, there is any number from 1 ~ 9. Here odd numbers (i.e. 1,3,5,7,9) shows that the holder is a male while even numbers (i.e. 2,4,6,8) shows that the holder is a female.

And if you want to know even more details about any CNIC number, you can get it via a NADRA's SMS service. For more details visit the following post.

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