Islamophobia - How to spread awareness against Islamophobia in Western Countries

The term "Islamophobia" indicates an irrational fear towards the followers of Islam. Though, any kind of phobia, from a psychological point of view, is the product of illegitimate thoughts developed in minds. Hence, it is not reasonable to upgrade this phenomenon on the world level, such as; Western and Eastern countries are busy doing so. This type of Phobia has given birth to religious chaos and violence between Muslims and non-Muslim countries. 

But, in reality, after the 9/11 incident, Western countries are suspiciously demonstrating Islam as the religion which allows Terrorism in the fabric of Jihad. Meanwhile, Allah says in Holy Qur'an 
Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. 

This is the actual message of Islam. There is no another Qur'an, except one which is revealed upon Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and on another place, it has been mentioned in Qur'an that "Truly the religion with Allah is Islam". 

Similarly, there is only one religion for believers of Islam. No other type of Islam exists in this world which allows terrorism, extremism or radicalism in any case. 

Today, 1.3 billion Muslims around the globe are considered to be terrorists, only due to the false perceptions made instantly on the rapid growth of Islamophobia all around the world. This has become a threat in terms of misinterpretation of Islam - it's meaning and universal message. Although, it is a tight responsibility of Muslim scholars and leaders to spread the message of Islam in the viewpoint of Terrorism. Because silence over this sensitive topic can lead to more problems in the future. It is dire need to address the issue of Islamophobia to get rid of this non-sensational phenomenon as soon as possible. 

Today, Islam is the largest growing religion in the world. Million of the Muslims are living in European Countries as minorities. Islamophobia has affected their lives regretfully. After the attacks in London, Bernardino, San Fransico, Paris and Brussels, Islamophobia has spread quickly at a pace. This is all because of Terror groups, not Muslims only are involved in such offensive acts. These western or Eastern countries are not merely suffering from this persecuted situation but also Muslim countries. 

There can be two reasons for this problematic story which have created fear of Islam in Non-Muslim countries. One is the spread of this killing phenomenon-Islamophobia, and the other is neglecting real offenders-Terror groups. These terror groups have caused so much damage to Muslim countries in terms of Extremism and Secularism. Egypt, Mali, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India are facing terror acts. Such terror groups are spreading extremist views. That is the fact, Terrorism has no religion. Terrorists can belong to any religion not only Islam.

Recently, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had also addressed the issue of Islamophobia in his speech at UN General Assembly. Watch his statement about Islamophobia in the following video.

Perhaps, Islamophobia is generally a sensitive topic to discuss on the Internet and in debates. But, there is a dire need to address the people about this irrational fear. 9/11 was an incident in the US committed by a terror group, as reports say. But, it does not mean that terrorists only belong to a specific religion. What about the attack in a Mosque of New Zealand, where a Christian Terrorist killed Muslims who were busy in their daily routine worship? Who has ever highlighted the domestic conflicts taking place in India on the basis of Racism? Which news agency brings issues of killings in Australia, US, Africa, UK, Paris on the matter of racial discrimination? Are not they human beings? Are not they mentally ill? Or only Muslims are responsible for having attacks in Western and Eastern countries? That is to say, Islamophobia is the product of the intellectual disability of minds. There lies no fact about Terrorism in Islam particularly. Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion. Therefore, no one has the right to establish a connection of terrorism with Islam only. 

Due to this menace, national and international media is highlighting sad incidents happening in Australia, Newzealand, US and India particularly. Attacks on Mosques, Constant Harassments on wearing Hijab and on performing Islamic duties. News reports are clearly disclosing the real facts of incidents taking place with Muslims and minorities in Non-Muslim countries. It is the responsibility of all Muslims to spread awareness about Islam and it's peaceful teachings among non-Muslim friends. Islamophobia has aggravated the conditions of Muslims in those countries. Therefore, all Muslim and Non-Muslim intellectuals should play their role in curbing this situation from the root. Otherwise, more problems can come out of the box to ruin the lives of Muslims in Non-Muslim countries. We should re-address the issue by highlighting it on Media, Newspapers, Internet and Social Websites. To make lives better to live in peace and tranquility, all the rational scholars either Muslim or Non-Muslim should come forward to make people aware of actual facts of terrorism. In this way, terms like Islamophobia and others can be cut forever from the dictionaries. 

Writer: Sonia Magsi

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