10 Online Businesses - Pakistanis can do without too much Investment

Many people want to start their own business but they fail to do so due to either lack of investment or they don’t have resources to start a usual business. While many others (mainly students or full time employees) don’t have enough time to start a business or those ladies who are not allowed to go outside and start a business. This article is for all those brothers and sisters. Here is a list of 10 online business ideas which can be started with minimum or no investment at all. At least money is not a good excuse to not starting a business. Another benefit of such online businesses is that you can adjust your own time table.

Here is a list of top 10 online businesses you can start without investing too much money: 

1. Blogging 

If you have the ability to write, blogging is perfect for you. Many people are earning handsome amounts through blogging. This blog is a perfect example of earning through blogging. I started blogging in 2010 and I am earning from it since then. 
Best thing about blogging is that you don’t need to follow any tough time schedule, you can write whenever you want. 
You can blog about the topic of your interest. It means that if you have a lot of information about a sport, a skill or anything else; you can start a blog about it. You can write about your hobby, about playing online games, tutorials about learning something about computers and mobiles or you can start posting photos etc. But please select a niche (topic) and always write about it on a blog. You can start with a free blog website with Blogger.com. 
There are numerous ways to earn money from blogs; you can earn with Google AdSense or with affiliate marketing.

2. YouTube Channel 

If you don’t want to write and have passion to make some good videos, you can create a YouTube channel free. Make videos and upload them on your YouTube channel. Please make sure that always create useful and engaging videos for people to watch. 
You can make “how to videos, funny videos, tutorial videos etc”. When you have more than 1000 subscribers and started receiving enough daily views, you will apply for YouTube Partner Program. If your application gets approved, ads will start appearing your videos. When viewers will click on those ads, you will earn money. 
For more details visit: How to Earn Money from YouTube

3. Freelancing 

Freelancing is a very popular way of earning online. There are many freelancing platforms available where you can create your account and start offering your services in which you have expertise. There are two major types of freelancing websites; first type of websites are where employers post their jobs and workers bid their rates to do this job, while other type of freelancing websites are where workers post their services with price and employers select the services of the workers whichever they want. Freelancing platform websites ensure the transparency of these jobs and the payment of wages. 
It’s similar to being an assistant to the employer but you do your tasks online. Some of the tasks that freelancers mostly do contain email management, marketing, graphic designing, website maintenance, translation, transcripts, audio or video editing, social media marketing, software and app development etc. In short, you can take any task depending on your knowledge and skills and get paid after successful completion of the job. All you need is a phone, computer and internet.  
Pakistanis are 4th fastest growing freelancing nation, read full report here

4. Home Shop 

Starting a reselling business is simple; buy some good quality products (garments, cloths, electronic items etc.) from reputable online stores at whole sale rates and resell these products directly to the people around you. 
You must choose the products wisely. Stick to a product range so that you can get regular customers. There is a huge profit margin in gents and ladies wears. Just search it on Google or YouTube and you will find many reliable wholesalers who will supply you at whole sale rates and you will earn profit by selling it locally; to your friends, family members and neighbors. 
You can use a corner of your drawing room or any other room as a shop and place a panaflex banner outside the house so the people know that you have something to sell. 

5. Online Shop 

Just like the above business model, in this business you will sell products to customers but online. You can get developed a website for your online shop or you can sell products to the customers using third party websites e.g. Daraz. Many people are running a successful online selling business without proper website. They are selling their products on classified websites or they have created a free Facebook page. 
If you are living in a big city like Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi or Peshawar, you can find many wholesale distributors or manufacturers; from where you can get products at wholesale rate to sell online. 
If there is famous product or soghat of your city e.g. Sohan Halwa of Multan, Khussay, Handicrafts etc., you can buy from the market and sell online at a reasonable profit. 
You can also collect used items (furniture etc.) and sell it via OLX. 

6. Online Tuition 

If you have enough competencies in any subject, you can start tutoring online. Tuition services of sciences and English subject are always in demand. Select a subject in which you have enough experience. Overseas Pakistanis also require online Quran-e-Pak teaching classes for their kids because finding a Qari or Arabic teacher in western countries is not an easy task. 
Many people are already in this field. Design a website, make packages, charge fee as per the selected package and teach their kids reading Quran-e-Pak at predefined timings. You can provide this tuition via your website or by using a social network e.g. Whatsapp. It doesn’t require much investment as you can start it with a computer or smart phone having internet connection. 
You can also hire tutors, who will provide only services on fix remuneration while you will keep the profit. 

7. Website or App Developer 

If you know coding in the latest computer languages, you can make a decent amount of money by developing apps, games, websites, software solutions and WordPress templates etc. 
There are two main ways to earn from app developing; either you can develop apps for the clients or you develop apps and earn by showing ads to the people who download and installed these apps on their smart phones. All you have to do is develop some useful apps/ games/ templates and start making money. 

8. Graphic Designing 

Graphic designing is a profession in demand. There are lots of opportunities for a professional graphic designer to earn online. You can do it on freelancing websites or you can create a graphic designing website of your own, where you take orders from clients and charge them handsome amounts for delivering quality work. It includes logo designing, pamphlet/ brochure designing and photo editing etc. 

9. Affiliate Marketing 

It is similar to selling online but in this case you are not required to maintain an inventory and you don’t even have to worry about shipping the products to customers. All you have to do is to pick an affiliate partner network and start promoting its products to your contacts by using your website or social media. When someone will buy products by using your affiliate link, you will get commission. 
This business does not require much investment. You can create a website and add your affiliate links to the products you want to promote. You can also make videos about the products you want to promote and upload on YouTube. When someone likes any of these products and want to purchase, he will use your affiliate link given in the video’s description. 
There are many affiliate networks. 

10. Resellers 

Reselling is a business model in which a company sells its products under your brand name while in actual you don’t have anything to sale. You only maintain your website and when someone orders a product on your website, the main company deals with it. The main company handles inventory, shipping, billing, customer care services etc. and keeps the profit margin. 
This type of business is mostly popular in domain and web hosting business. A company offers discount rates to its resellers; resellers develop their own websites with their own prices and packages with a profit margin. Then the resellers advertise their websites. When someone orders a hosting package on reseller’s website, the orders will be delivered to the company which will take care of all the procedure of making the deal final. They also provide support services. Best part of it is that the company will do all the paper work under the reseller’s brand name. As you create your own sale price, you can set your own profit margin. You will only need your website and customers, you don’t need any hosting services as hosting and domain name services are being provided by a third party.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to one of these opportunities. Start with one and as your income grows, learn new skills and jump into another business. Be sure to keep an eye on the trends.


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