Mar 17, 2013

Top-12 Pakistani Bloggers with Highest Online Incomes

Top Pakistani Bloggers
It was a time when blogging was unknown in Pakistan but now the majority of Pakistani internet surfers are well aware of this online media. People not only know and surf blogs but many Pakistani Bloggers are earning a really handsome income from their blogs. Pakistan is a land of talented people. Pakistani blogs are not only popular in Pakistan; many blogs are top ranked worldwide.

Here is a list of Ten Most Successful Pakistani Bloggers and their blogs. Blogs are selected on the basis of Alexa Ranking, Google PR, Quality of Content, Quantity of Content, Usefulness of Information, Updating Frequency and Presence on Social Media etc. There may be other bloggers who can be more successful but not in our knowledge.

We have also given estimated monthly income of these bloggers from their blogs. This is the estimated income and not the actual income as this is only based on calculations and we don’t know actual incomes as no one want to disclose their incomes publically. Actual income of these Bloggers may be high or low than shown here.

1. Syed Balkhi of

According to best of my knowledge and available information, Syed Balkhi is the most successful Pakistani Blogger. He created in 2006 which gradually became one of the biggest internet resource about WordPress. He belongs to Karachi but currently residing in USA. He got best Pakistani Blogger of the Year 2012 Award. He is 23 years old. He graduated from University of Florida. 

2. Taimur Asad of

Asad Taimur's serves 10+ million monthly page views. He blogs about technology related issues. He got his sofware engineering degree from Bahria University Karachi. In this list, Asad is on 2nd position.

3. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is not only a successful Pakistani Blogger but also an inspiration for many new bloggers including me. People visit his blog, to learn  new techniques and to find solution of their blogging related problems. He got 3rd position in this list.

4. Ghaus Iftikhar Nakodari of

Ghaus Iftikhar Nakodari owns, a technology review blog. He mostly writes about software programs and operating systems. His blog has huge readership in developed countries. He is a graduate from Bahria University Islamabad.

5. Naveed Javaid of

Naveed Javaid belongs to Karachi. He started in 2008 which has now become one of the most popular blogs in designing niche. He graduated from Dadabhai Institute of Higher Education Karachi. 

6. Ali Qayyum of

Ali Qayyum got MBA from COMSATS University Lahore. He started blogging in 2009. Now he is blogging in SmashingHub, TheSoftHelp and UpTenList.

7. Aamir Atta of

ProPakistani is a popular name among people of Pakistan who want to be updated about technology and local telecom related news. Aamir Atta have a team which runs this blog very successfully.

8. Ammar Ali of

Ammar Ali is just 18 years old guy. He got fame and money in very early age and in very less time. His name is present in few other lists as Emerging Pakistani Young Blogger but I added him in the list of Top Pakistani Bloggers as he deserves it.


9. Syed Faizan Ali of

Syed Faizan Ali is also a young Blogger.  He writes about blogging issues and widgets in Now he has developed another website,, where he shared his awesome Blogger templates.

10. Bilal Ahmad of

Bilal Ahmad is founder of TechMaish. He done MBA from Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar. He is a part time Blogger but his blog is one of the most successful blogs of Pakistan.

11. Ayaz Malik of

Ayaz Malik is the man behind, an awesome blog about graphic designing and images.

12. Mohammad Ismail of

Mohammad Ismail recently started TechVela and got popularity in very short time. 

There are many other Pakistani Bloggers who are also very successful in their fields and their blogs have a potential to be included in Top Pakistani Bloggers list in near future. Few of these are; Mohsin Ali Waheed,  M. Tanveer Nandla, Nadeem Khan, Saad Hamid, Hammad Dar, Ahsan Raza, Ahmad Awais, Nouman Yaqoob, SAJ Shirazi, Yasir Imran.....

Note: Page Rank and Alexa Rank of these website was noted on March 16, 2013. And these ranking may vary with the passage of time.
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