Get First Aid Training from Rescue 1122

Rescue 1122 offers first aid training for the general public of Punjab, Pakistan. Rescue 1122 is an emergency response service of Punjab. Rescue 1122 has already trained about 500,000 people for first aid. Recently, an add was published in the national daily newspapers, in which they have taken it as a mission to train first aiders at every home.

Rescue 1122 is not just providing basic emergency health care to the victims but they are also committed for the training of citizens in life-saving skills. Students from colleges and universities are also being briefed about safety measures like fire safety, life saving skills, evacuation procedures and civic responsibilities regarding emergencies all over Punjab.
Since emergencies can occur anywhere anytime, so the citizens are required to be trained in first aid services, life-saving skills, and emergency management.
Thousands of people lost their lives daily on roads or at homes or workplaces or they suffer serious harm due to unavailability of timely medical care. A quick response to an emergency situation by a trained first aider can save a precious human life in a serious situation. First aid may be very helpful for emergencies like heart attack, cardiac arrest, fire incidents, burns, electric shock, bee sting, baby choking, head injury, dog/ scorpion/ snake bites, heat strokes, bleeding, cuts, wounds etc. 
Rescue 1122 has handled millions of medical emergencies, road crashes and fire emergencies since its emergence in 2004.

How to get First Aid Training from Rescue 1122

Contact your nearest Rescue 1122 station to get first aid training.



  1. can you tell me please, what's the duration of First aid training program?

  2. Sir main first aid ki training lyna chahta ho

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