How to file FIR/ Complaint in Police Station

What is an FIR

First Information Report (FIR) is an important written document prepared by the police when they receive information or complaint about a cognizable offense (i.e. over which police has jurisdiction). FIR is generally lodged by the victim or by someone on his behalf. However, any person who knows or has seen some offense can file FIR. Every person has a right to report any matter at the concerned police station and has a case registered in the form of an FIRPolice take up the investigation of a case only after the registration of FIR. FIR contains the date, time, place and detail of the event or crime. It also contains the name and address of the complainant, names and addresses of the persons who are involved in the incident and names and addresses of the witnesses (if any).

How to file an FIR

The procedure of filing an FIR in a Police Station is prescribed in Section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. It is as follows:
  1. When information about the commission of a cognizable the offense is given orally, the police must write it down.
  2. It is your right as a person giving information or making a complaint to demand that the information recorded by the police is read over to you.
  3. Once the police have recorded the information in the FIR Register, the person giving the information must sign it.
  4. You should sign the report only after verifying that the information recorded by the police is as per the details given by you.
  5. People who cannot read or write must put their left thumb impression on the document after being satisfied that it is a correct record.
  6. Always ask for a copy of the FIR, if the police do not give it to you.
  7. It is your right to get a copy of FIR free of cost.

How to get Police FIR Copy?

A certified copy of the FIR (signed by an officer bearing the stamp of the police station) is to be provided to the person who reports the crime, free of cost.

What can you do if Police not taking the Complaint?

It is a duty of the police to register FIR without any delay or excuses. No police officer has the authority to refuse registration of FIR. Non-registration of FIR is also an offense and can be a ground for disciplinary action against the concerned police officer. If the police is not registering your FIR:
  • You can meet the District Police Officer (DPO) or Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) or other higher officers like Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police and Provincial Police Officer (PPO) and bring your complaint to their notice.
  • You can send your complaint in writing and by post to the DPO, CCPO, DIG or PPO concerned. If the DPO, CCPO, DIG or PPO is satisfied with your complaint, he shall order the registration of FIR.
  • You can file a complaint to the District Public Safety and Police Complaints Authority in your district.
  • You can file a private complaint before the court having jurisdiction.

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