Vegetable Calendar for Winter Season with complete details - Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen gardening has become very popular among health-conscious educated people and it is a very brilliant idea to grow your own vegetables in your backyard or either on the rooftop in pots etc. Most of the vegetables available in the market are not as healthy as you can grow yourself, because of the fertilizers and pesticides used by the farmers to have more and more production. So if you grow your own vegetables a6t your home, you will enjoy healthy and organic food. It is also worth mentioning that the rates of organic food items are much higher than the ordinary ones in the international market and in developed countries. Moreover, only a few square feet of land or only a couple of pots (round or rectangular) are enough to grow vegetables for your family.

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The Winter season is approaching and the following is a calendar of winter season vegetables with complete details including plating month, seeds required, planting method, the internal distance between plants, organic and chemical (if required) fertilizers, and harvesting time.

Raddish, turnip, spinach, peas, cauliflower, coriander etc. are some of the vegetables which are grown in this season.

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