20 Golden Rules for Good Health

Health Tips
"Take food as medicine otherwise you will have to take medicine as food." 
We can easily maintain ourselves without taking bucks of medicines just by eating and drinking natural foods in a natural way. Trouble creates only when we do something wrong, unnatural with our body. 
Here are 20 simple rules which will revolutionary make your health good.

Water Drinking Habits

1. Drink water early in the morning after taking bath.
2. Always drink a glass of water 10 to 30 minutes before meals.
3. Never drink water soon after eating meals.
4. Sit when you are drinking water.
5. Drink 8 to 12 glass of water per day.

Eating Habits

6. Make a time table for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and always try to follow it.
7. Never skip breakfast.
8. Dine early and sleep early.
9. Walk after dinner is good for health.

Sleeping Habits

10. Sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours at night.
11. Sleep in comfortable position wearing a loose dress.
12. If you have time, take bed rest/ sleep for about half an hour after lunch.

Natural Foods

13. Fruits and green vegetables are low-calorie foods; help to lose weight.
14. Drink natural juices instead of carbonated water.
15. Prefer fresh natural foods instead of refined or canned products.
16. Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine and other drugs.


17. Daily regular exercise is compulsory to keep you healthy.
18. Play outdoor games and do out-of-door exercise.
19. Fresh air is also necessary like fresh and pure water.
20. Sunlight is a very good source of Vitamin-D and also destroys harmful germs and bacterias. 

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