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Haier 1.5 ton DC Inverter AC (Marvel 18HSU-HFMAD) Review with Complete Details and Specifications

In my previous post, I have done a comparison of the best 1.5 ton DC inverter ACs available in Pakistan. After all the hectic research, I chose Haier DC Inverter AC (Marvel Series Model 18HSU-HFMAD) for use in my room. Earlier I was using simple AC of PEL company which is now being replaced with this new Haier DC inverter AC.

In this post, I will show you the complete details and specifications of this AC and also do a brief review of it.

Haier DC Inverter AC

This year (2021), Haier launched two series (Pearl and Marvel) which further has more models having minor changes in shape and color. Marvel series has further 3 models HFMAD, HFMAE and HFMAC while peal has also 3 models e.g HSU-18HFPAA.

All these models have almost the same features and technical specifications. 

Main features of Haier DC Inverter 18HSU-HFMAD AC are as under:

  • One-touch cleaning
  • Turbo Cooling and Heating
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • 3D Airflow
  • Low Voltage Startup
  • Energy-saving high efficiency
  • UPS Technology
  • Golden fin condenser and evaporator
  • Hidden LED
Technical specifications are given below:
  • R-32 gas
  • Cooling capacity 19000 BTU
  • Heating capacity 19500 BTU
  • Power input (cooling) 0.41~2.2kW
  • Power input (heating) 0.42~2.5kW
  • Current 2.3~10.2A
  • Air volume 1100m3/h
  • Indoor weight 14.4Kg
  • Outdoor Weight 34.4Kg
  • indoor Unit length 1.015m
Its price is Rs. 89,900 but you can buy it with some discount from the market.

The best thing about this Haier AC series is that its cooling and heating capacity is more than any other 1.5 ton AC. Normally 1.5 ton means 18000 BTU but this AC has 19000BTU cooling and 19500 heating capacity.
If you have any questions, ask me in the comments section.


  1. Some sellers are saying it solar power enabled. Is it correct..? What's your remarks.. And how to run it on solar. And how many solar plates

    1. It is UPS enabled. You can operate it over your UPS by connecting it via UPS Module which is available separately. Solar panels k baray mn ap ko solar panel install krnay walay behtar bata saktay hain.

  2. Sir agar isko lower amps 2.3 hain to ye haier ups device pe kese work krega jo 2 amps pe power ko lock kr deta he. Aur kya ups devixe pe isko cooling kesi hogi. Kindly inform please

    1. G ap ny bilkul theek kaha hy keh yeh UPS per fix amperes pr chalay ga. Is main aisa krnay ke technology mojood hy laikan ap ko is k liye Haier ka UIPS Module alag sy purchase kr k attach krna parray ga.

  3. What about the outer of marvel series. Is it the old size or new large size outer like gree

  4. Mr Gul, which series is good? Marvel or Pearl?

    1. technically both are same. Only design is different

  5. Salam.
    Sir Ye HMAD Cooling men kaisa hai plz btaen

  6. Compressor t3? And what is EER?

  7. Gub bhai ye full dc invertor mai ata h ???

  8. It's not energy efficient. I have installed at my home and experienced that it is not energy efficient

  9. Can anyone guide me major differences between marvel and pearl series ?
    And what's the best among them in Haier simple 1.5 Ton without wifi and other smart cleaning service functionalities?

  10. Marvel and Pearl are same in specs, only difference in color and design. Both have self cleaning function. Triple Inverter model is simple without WiFi.