Best DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan 2021

It is my habit that whenever I need to buy any household or vehicle or electronics item, I do comprehensive research before making my mind. It always works very well and enables me to make better decisions.

As the summer season is approaching, I thought to install a DC inverter air conditioner in one room by replacing its very old and faulty ac. So I compare air conditioners of all popular and well-reputed electronics companies in Pakistan which is given at the end of this post but first I want to share with you some other useful points in this regard.


Difference between a normal AC and Inverter AC

The major difference between these two is compressor efficiency and electricity consumption. The compressor in a normal ac is less energy efficient as it has only two modes ON and OFF. It runs at a fixed speed and then turns OFF after achieving the desired temperature. And when the temperature starts rising, ac turns ON.  Starting current of a normal ac is very high which results in more electricity consumption. 

But the compressor of an inverter ac runs continuously but at a variable speed. After reaching the desired temperature it slows down instead of shutting OFF. Moreover, it runs on DC current which saves a lot of electricity.

Another advantage of inverter ACs is that they can run on low voltage.

Difference between Simple Inverter AC and Complete DC Inverter AC

In the above para, we have discussed a normal and inverter ac. But every inverter ac is not a complete DC inverter AC. 

A simple inverter air conditioner has only a compressor running on DC current while all other components run on ac current. But in a complete DC inverter ac, all the components (compressor, fan, louver motor etc) run on DC current and saves more electricity than a simple inverter ac. So before purchasing any ac model, confirm from the shopkeeper that either it is a complete DC or simple inverter ac.

Which AC Size is Best for Your Room

Although there are many online AC size calculators available and your local AC technician may also guide you on which AC size is best for your room. But making things simple and easy to understand, you may get the appropriate AC size as per the following chart:

AC Size

Size of the Room

1 ton

Up to 140 sq. feet

1.5 ton

141 to 210 sq. feet

2 ton

211 to 280  sq. feet

4 ton

281 to 560 sq. feet

Calculating the size of the room is very easy; just multiply the length and width of the room, you will get the area size of the room in sq. feet.

Note: Please also note that while talking about air conditioner sizes bigger is not always better. So you have to choose AC size according to your room size.

Best 1.5 DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan

If you are having a difficult time deciding between DC Inverter Air-Conditioner brands, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best inverter AC to buy in Pakistan for your home.

All of the above inverter ac models come with auto clean, gold fins, turbo cooling and both heat and cool functions.
There are many other international ac brands e.g. Daikin, Acson, Mitsubishi available in Pakistan but their prices are a bit higher.


If you have any questions regarding any DC inverter ac in Pakistan, ask in the comments section and we will try to answer them. 


  1. I bought Haier dc inverter ac (HFMAD) Marvel inverter. The sound/noise of outdoor unit is very high than the other models.. it has R32 refrigerant. Please tell me about this sound issue. Thanks

  2. Kia ap ny issay Haier company k official installer sy install krwaya tha? By the way ap is ke complain haier ke website pr kr saktay hain.

  3. Tcl miracle ,kenwood 1843or dawlance meta t3

    If we see warranty daglance giving more than other plz suggest

  4. AnonymousJune 04, 2021

    Can you please comment on Dawlance ac1.5 ton Inverter. Whether it is good or not?

  5. Mobile PTI karvana hai Samsung ka mobile hai

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