How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Google 2021

Yesterday I became worried when I found that all of my contacts on my android phone has been deleted by my son accidentally while he was playing games with it. And when I tried to recover these contacts from Google Contacts they were deleted from there too. It was very shocking for me. I tried to find any backup ".vcf file" from my phone storage but unfortunately, I couldn't find and backup file. I thought it is very difficult to collect all of those important contact phone numbers but later I found an easy way to recover my contacts which were deleted from my phone book and from Google Contacts and Gmail too. If you are facing such a situation, this post is for you. Please read it to restore your phone contacts.

How to Recover/ Restore Phone Contacts

As you can see all of my contacts have been deleted except built-in contacts.

Click on "... More" button in the right lower corner. and then select the "Import/ Export" option.

And then select your Gmail account in the 'copy contacts from list'.

Next select 'Phone' from 'copy contacts to' list.

And then select all of your contacts to recover/ restore.

But the problem arises when you see that there are no contacts in this list. This happens when contacts are also deleted from your Google Contacts account.

In this case don't worry, just follow these steps.
Go to and select the 'Trash' tab. You will find all your contacts there. Select all contacts and press the 'Recover' button. all of your contacts will be restored.

Alternately, you can also Undo changes from the "Settings" gear button. It can change your contacts back to any state in the past 30 days.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section, please.

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