Dec 25, 2010

NADRA ID-V Instant CNIC Verification through SMS

NADRA CNIC Verification Through SMS

National Database Registration Authority of Pakistan has launched CNIC Verification through SMS Service. With the start of this service, it is hard for anybody to hide his name or to make alteration in National Identity Card. It is a very useful service by NADRA. It can be utilized by any Pakistani enthusiastic to verify credentials of your Business Partners, Employees and House Maids etc. This service will also be very useful for Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies to identify cheaters and criminals.

Procedure of CNIC Verification
Write 13 digits CNIC number (without -) of the person whom you want to verify and send it on 7000 from your mobile number. Instantly you will get Name and Father’s Name/ Husband’s Name of the person who is the holder of that CNIC number. The name will be written in Urdu Language.
Another special number “7001” is dedicated for the use of Police and Law Enforcement Agencies.

A fee of Rs.10 per verification will be charged form general public from mobile pone account.

CNIC Verification through NADRA e-Sahulat
CNIC number can also be verified at NADRA e-Sahulat Kiosks from all corners of Pakistan.  

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