Free Check your Assets Details from FBR Website

If you would like to know what information FBR has accumulated about you, you can get access to this information from the FBR website in two easy steps:
  1. Get Password/ Login
  2. View Assets

FBR Assets Inquiry (FBR Maloomat) portal could be accessed by sending individual CNIC No to 9966, after which a system based code would be generated and sent on the mobile phone of the user which could be utilized for accessing the FBR portal. And most importantly access to this information is totally free. Information on your assets and activities available from various sources is available there for you to use. Once login, you will see various tabs; select a tab and click on the 'Load Data', you will see available data about you. Data is updated on regular basis, please visit FBR page regularly to view your updated data. On this page you will see the following type of information and data:
  • Withholding Tax deducted by banks and others (agent name, taxable amount, tax amount and tax year)
  • Vehicles (maker company, model, chassis number, engine number, registration number, engine size, vehicle value, tax year)
  • Frequent Travellers (passport number, travel mode, origin, destination, visit date, maximum visits)
  • Utilities (utility company name WAPDA, PTCL, sui gas, mobile companies with bill amount)
  • Properties (here you can see seller name with his CNIC number, registration authority/ housing society name, property type, sector/ town, plot/ house number, street number, plot size, covered area, purchase date and property value.)
FBR Assets Details

How to Login to FBR's Assets Inquiry Page

Please log in to the following URL:
Use your national ID card number and code to login. 
You can get code with any of the following two methods:
Send your CNIC number from your registered mobile number to 9966 to get the code. 
Click on the "Get Login/ Password for Asset Inquiry (It's Free)" tab appeared on the above page. Enter your CNIC number, first and last name. Select appropriate prefix e.g. Mr. or Dr. etc. Select current service provider company and write your mobile number (registered in your name) in the format 00923001234567 and then submit. You will get code on your mobile number shortly.

NADRA has much more information than FBR about you, but NADRA charges fee to give access to this information. If you want to check what information NADRA has gathered about you. Visit the following link for more details:

Initially, FBR has accumulated some data which would be enriched with the passage of time. Currently, this data is based on the property, bank accounts, utility bills and travells. This data is fully secure and no other person can get access to this information.
Information of about six million people is available on FBR portal and non-filers can have online access to details of their assets to verify data compiled by the FBR from different authentic sources.
Screenshot of FBR Maloomat or FBR Assets Inquiry Portal

FBR has launched this facility to spread awareness among the public to motivate them to become a filer/ active taxpayer. Being a patriot Pakistani, I am also playing my small role to spread the information about taxes and what are the benefits of becoming a filer. You may visit my following pages too.

Kindly help us to share this information with the public. Feel free to discuss any question regarding the subject matter.


  1. mere FBR letter per abhi tak old residing address likha huwa ata hai
    or Contact me koi unknown contact hai

    to mujhey puchhna ye hai k me isko kese or kaha se change krwa sakta hu

  2. How we can e-filing of Monthly Sale Tax Return of Sale Tax With Held
    (STWH) Invoice mode after few amendments by FBR.However the Buyer is u-registered and the seller is registerd in Sale Tax.

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