FBR Registration Guidelines in Urdu



2nd step is to file income tax returns. Visit the following post to know the step by step procedure:

How to get registered with FBR - in Urdu

FBR registration is compulsory for every Pakistani either he is a businessman, landlord or salaried person etc. whose income is more than a certain level. One of the main reason behind not becoming FBR registered is the lack of awareness among the people. Many people don't know the process of how to register of FBR's IRIS system. So even if they want to register, many of them can't do it because they think it is a complicated procedure. And if they hire a third person/ party, it may charge a fee for it. However, it is a very simple process and every person, who has a little knowledge of computer and internet, may complete this task very easily. For making it more simplified to understand, we have given all the instructions in the Urdu language so every person can read, understand and register himself with FBR.
Visit the following URL to start the registration process:

For all the further steps of the guidelines, see above in the Urdu section. All the FBR registration process is online. Your online FBR registration application will take a maximum of half an hour. This registration is necessary for income tax and sales tax too.

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  1. how i want ntn number and register my assts.
    so plz help me about this

  2. pension is taxable or not

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