How to Check Land/ Property Records in Punjab Online

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) has made available land and property records online via Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS). It has changed the traditional way of getting property records from Patwaris which had many drawbacks. And now with this online website, any person can easily check and verify his land records via name, CNIC number or Khewat number. Role of patwaris and patwar khana culture has been made limited through this system thus eliminating chances of corruption and fraud. Old manual land record system was the major source of property related disputes which in turn had overburdened the entire judicial system. Old system was based on empirical data and was recorded on the large size registers in same old way. Now all the record is clearly available to all citizens. Government of Punjab, Pakistan has developed computerized Arazi Centers in all tehsils and districts of Punjab for the assistance of public where any citizen can get information about his owned property, plot, residential or agricultural land. But if any person wants to check and verify just land records, he can do it online while sitting at his home or office just by using any internet enabled computer.
How to Check Land/ Property Records in Punjab Online

How to Check Land/ Property Records in Punjab Online?

Almost all property and real estate records are available online on Punjab Zameen official website. Just visit this website, select your district and tehsil where the property exists and select mohalla/ area from dropdown menu. Now you are given three options to search the property; by name, by CNIC number and by Khewat number, you can select any of these. For example if you select CNIC, enter your 13 digits CNIC number to search land record. And if you selected name, enter your name in Urdu. For typing in Urdu, click on the small keyboard image which will be displayed in the name section. You can write your name in Urdu, if you have enabled Urdu plugin on your computer.
Click to write Urdu on your Computer

Land Records through Mobile Application

Punjab government has also created a mobile application to search land records, you can install it from Google Play Store.

Benefits of Computerized Land Record System

This online record management system in Punjab, Pakistan has brought immense social and financial benefits to the society. This system has many benefits:
  • To get rid from the patwari culture
  • Less time required and for issuance of fard and completion of mutation. 
  • Check record online within no time and without paying any fee.
  • Get fard in only 30 minutes from Arazi center while property registration is also a simple and smooth process of just 18 days.
  • Biometric verification and integration with NADRA assures the valid record of the property.


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