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Writing Urdu on Computer and Internet

Once it was a time when it was not easy to type in Urdu on the internet. You could write Urdu only with InPage like soft-wares which were not compatible with the internet and other software like MS Word, Excel etc. So, people used to convert Urdu text into a photo format before posting it on websites. But now things have been changed after the development of Pak Urdu Installer Software and support for Unicode in Windows OS.

Following line is an example of Urdu typing on the internet with this software. 
پاک اردو انسٹالر کے ذریعے اردو لکھنا بہت آسان ھو گیا ھے۔

Pak Urdu Installer

Pak Urdu Installer
Pak Urdu Installer
Pak Urdu Installer is a complete Urdu software package which has made Urdu typing very easy. There is no need for any additional hardware or Urdu Keyboard. You can type Urdu with ordinary English Keyboard. Just install Pak Urdu Installer and it will let you type in Urdu anywhere on your computer, even you can write Urdu on internet websites and can write emails and chat in Urdu too. It also allows you to write file and folder names in Urdu. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. Three fonts are built-in this software; Jameel Noori Nastaleeq, Urdu Web Naskh and Urdu Naskh Asia Type.

How to Install "Urdu Installer Software"?

  • Free Download "Pak Urdu Installer" and install on your PC after downloading.
  • Restart your computer after installation.
  • You will see the Language Bar on Task Bar.
  • You can set/ change your language before typing by clicking on this button. Click with the left mouse button to toggle between Urdu and English.
Urdu Language Bar in Task Bar

How to write in Urdu?

It uses phonetic type keyboard which enables you to write words as per their sound e.g. press "a" to write "الف" and "B" to write "ب" etc. 
Phonetic Urdu Keyboard layout is given below as reference. 
Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout
Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout


  1. I also write Urdu from text editor to add it into an Urdu Poetry website.

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