How to Check Land Records of AJK Azad Jammu and Kashmir Online

Just like Punjab and Sindh, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) has its online land record system where you can search land record of Azad Kashmir online. Design of this AJK Zameen web search portal is similar to that of Punjab Zameen web portal. This Land Record Management System is developed for the Board of Revenue, AJK by Information Technology Board, AJK.
Check Land Records of AJK Azad Jammu and Kashmir Online
You can access this land record web portal at AJK Zameen official website. The land record can be searched with name, CNIC or Khewat number. The name should be written in Urdu. If you don't have already installed any plugin for writing Urdu, you may visit following web page for complete instructions and setup.

For example, I searched ownership records of an unknown person named Ali in Pipli village of tehsil Dadyal in district Mirpur and I got the record with name, caste, id card number, ownership type, size and khewat number. You can search yours in the same way.

Currently, it has land record of only three districts; Mirpur, Bagh and Jhelum Valley. Data of other 07 districts of AJK is not available online till now. Muzaffarabad is the capital of AJK but its online data is not available yet.


  1. Weldone.good effort. Mirpur tehsil DADYAL is not fully computerised. Work beed stoped for long time. Please complete the remaining records. Ratta village, casual it self.
    People are made to run between BALDIA & MEHKMA MAAL, But getting no where.

  2. AOA,
    Please Complete the remaining land Record Of Dist. Jhelum Valley ,Tehsil Chikkar and surrounding Villages. I am Waiting from long time .
    would you tell when it will be completed?
    Thank You,
    Aafaq Fazal(Village Badiyala, Tehsil,Chikkar Dist,Jehlum Valley Azad Kashmir )

  3. Zala member tasli barlanal

  4. AnonymousMay 27, 2022

    Can i check my property record online with cnic no Mizaffarabad ajk

  5. AnonymousJuly 01, 2022

    When the record of all districts will be available......???

  6. Hello - does anyone know the pakistan number for the land registry number in mirpur, azad kashmir

  7. Hi does anybody know how I can get nakal intekaal in Azad Kashmir Karla town

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