#StopJahezKhori - Pakistani Celebrities' Campaign against Dowry Culture

We all know the bad effects of dowry culture on our society and there are a number of stories, where the major reason behind not getting marriage of young girls, is 'dowry'. It is too bad and shameful act but it has become custom and no one bother to think about it, talk about it and to raise his voice against it. In this critical situation, our showbiz celebrities have come forward and raised their voice against this tradition of giving and taking dowry. Girls' parents are helpless regarding this and the boys' parents don't take it as a problem but in some cases, they take it as an opportunity and start making their wishlist to ask from bride's parents. We should discard this dowry trend as a whole nation. It is gender-based violence in developing countries like Pakistan and India.

I am a man and I am married but I feel ashamed for all those guys who are not able to financially support his wife and future family but they are desirous to have a rich bride who takes a lot of dowry with her to fill her husband's house with all the latest household equipment and furniture etc. Why is this her responsibility to arrange for all these things? It is basically the responsibility and duty of the husband to have at least all the necessary things to run a house successfully. But in the meantime, the family of the girls should not cancel her heirdom rights. Instead, just give her what you want as a gift and not the dowry but please also give her the property rights which she has from her parents. And the man who is going to marry or his parents should make necessary arrangements for the new life of
the couple.

#StopJahezKhori is a social trend initiated by UN Women Pakistan.
Showbiz celebrities participated and supported this noble cause.
#StopJahezKhori means "Stop Asking for Dowry".

Social media and national and international print and electronic media featured this campaign.
Responsibility is on the guy that he shouldn't look for dowry. Parents and family of guy shouldn't ask for the dowry. We as a society should make dowry as a shame for the guy and his family. Boys should stand for their image as a real man, not as a beggar. 

Anyhow, as we are talking that Pakistani showbiz celebrities i.e. actors and actresses have shown their concern in this matter which is very positive and we all should support them in this noble cause.

Ayesha Omar said that "Real men don't take dowry. Help put an end to this practice now"

Pakistani Actor Ali Rehman Khan raised his voice against this social issue. He said that "Jab Rishwat lene waly ko rishwatkhor kehtay hain to jahez lene walay ko jahezkhor kyun nahi kehtay?"

Iqra Aziz

Juggun Kazim also participated in this campaign.

Sana Javed posted on her Instagram that "Men who started their lives by asking for a start-up fund in the name of dowry from the bride's family need to be called out by naming and shaming them as JahezKhor"

Famous Photographer Tapu Javeri said that "Let's end the curse of JahezKhori"

Ushna Shah on her Instagram "Real men can take care of themselves. Time to put a stop to this evil"

Yasir Hussain "JahezKhori band karo. Let's be the generation that will stop JahezKhori".

Ahmed Butt "Get your own car. Don't your wife to get it for you!"

Maira Khan "We are in 21st century. Lets act like it!"

Saboor Aly

Adnan Siddiqui and many other showbiz stars supported this cause.

The general public has also started raising their voice in the support of this campaign on social media; they are also sharing their posts and images with this message of #StopJahezKhori.

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