List of 47 Ice Cream Brands which are declared Unfit

Punjab Food Authority has released the report of sample results 156 Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert brands. 47 out of 156 samples could not pass the quality standards of Punjab Pure Food Regulations. 
Unfit Ice Cream Brands

List of Unfit Ice Cream Brands

Some products of Gourmet, Chaman, Royal and Badami Kulfa are included in the list of brands which are proved as unhealthy and unfit for human consumption.

PFA's Notice about Ice Cream Brands

Following is a copy of the official report of the PFA in which separate lists of passed and failed products are given.

Punjab Food Authority has started to remove these unfit products from market. PFA has also further ordered to stop production of all those failed brands, till further orders, which could not qualify under the laboratory tests.

Sample Collection and Lab Analysis Schedule of PFA

According to reports;
PFA follow a quarterly schedule to collect samples of ice cream, juices, edible ghee and oil products for lab analysis. 
While PFA has a bi-annual schedule of sample collection and analysis for desserts, toppings, tap water of WASA, carbonated beverages, meat-made items, sauce, squash, canned fruit and vegetables.
Vinegar, Pickles, Malted Beverages will be checked Annually.

Punjab Food Authority is playing a very active role for ensuring quality of the food products in the province of Punjab. I have seen Food Inspectors of PFA in very remote rural areas too. They work very actively and honestly to check quality of food items and to educate the shopkeepers about the importance about the quality of edibles. This department is doing its job from the super markets to local shops and kiosks. 

It is not only the duty of the government to pass regulations and protect citizens from unhealthy food items. But it is also the responsibility of citizens to check ingredients and expiry date on the food items. We as a customers should ensure that anything we buy for ourselves, for our kids and family, it should be healthy and fit for consumption.

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