How to Check Car Documents in Pakistan

How to Check Car Document in Pakistan and What Documents are Required for Transferring of a Used Car

To carefully check documents while buying a used car is very important. You must ensure that the car you are buying is legal from all aspects; it is registered with excise and taxation department, it's all annual token taxes are paid, its genuine number plates, match engine and chassis number with registration book etc. But before checking car documents we hope that you have already completed physical inspection of the car but in case you still have to physically check the car, you should visit:
How to Check Used Car before Buying in Pakistan
So when you have decided you want to buy a second hand car and you have also physically check it. Next step is to check its documents.
How to Check Car Documents in Pakistan

Check Registration Card/ Book

Check all the entries of registration card. Match registration number, chassis number, engine number, make, model and color of the vehicle with registration book. Please ensure that the car is registered on the name of the seller or at least he should be available before the deal is done. Although government of Punjab and Sindh have introduced smart vehicle cards and tampering is not possible in these but if the car has registration book, you should carefully check for any tampering.

Copy of the Seller's CNIC

You should get a copy of the seller's CNIC. If there are more than one owners previously, you should ask for photocopy of all the previous owners.
Click to verify CNIC
You should preferably buy a car whose seller is also the owner. I mean in some cases the car is not on the seller's name and he will pose like the owner is his close relative and it is no problem to present him any time but believe me it is not proved true in many times. So when you pay amount to the seller he started presenting lame excuses instead of making an arrangement of availability of the original owner. In fact in some cases he also don't know owner personally and he have bought it from a third party. In such cases you may stuck in an awkward situation.

Original Return File

Ask for original file whether it is kept by excise and taxation department or the owner himself. If the owner have it, carefully check it. Find a car which is registered from your own city or any other nearby city to avoid any situation of travelling to far away cities just to check car record and to transfer registration.

Token Tax

Please check that token taxes should be paid/ cleared until the current year. And if the vehicle is under 1000cc and registered in the province of Punjab, it should have life time token paid.

Genuine Number Plates

Genuine number plates should be mounted on the car or the seller should hand over to the buyer at the time of sale.

Online Verification

Now you can verify documents of any vehicle online or via SMS and its totally free. Click here to know the simple method to verify any vehicle online.

Original Sale Invoice

If the car is first purchased during last few years, ask for companies issued original sale invoice.

Transfer Letter

If the deal done, you should get transfer letter (for change in ownership) at the time of amount payment.

Sale Receipt

Car showrooms issued a sale receipt at the time of car sale. It is also another proof that the deal has been done between Mr. X and Mr. Y for the sale of the Car ABC for the mentioned amount.

Delivery Letter

Delivery letter is a written proof that the car is in the buyer's custody from the mentioned date. It takes few days before the ownership transfers. This letter is for the safety of both buyer and seller. Buyer may need it to show at police check posts while it also have safety for the seller that he is not responsible for any involvement of this vehicle in any accident or any other unlawful activities from now on.

Bonus Point - How to Check Duplicate Registration Copy

If the registration book is duplicate, a small size red color duplicate word is printed above the serial number on the first page of the registration book.

I hope you have a better idea about the documents required and how to check it. Let me know if you have any confusion regarding this.


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    How can i chk my vehical documents file in exise office plz guide me ..

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