Now Learn School Subjects Online with eLearn.Punjab

eLearn.Punjab is an initiative of PITB, Government of Punjab. It is a very helpful facility for all the students who are studying in the schools of Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. They can easily access this free web portal from any internet-enabled computer or mobile phone from anywhere and get help for their subjects in the form of audio, video, simulation, illustrations, animation and interactive assignments.
More than 13,000 video lectures, 1830 animations and 592 simulations are available for 30+ subjects of science and math textbooks. 

It is very easy to use. Just visit eLearning Web Portal. Select your subject and class. Let say I click on Physics of Class 10, a new page will be opened where a list of all the chapter of Class 10 Physics are given. Now click on the chapter of your interest. A new tab will open where interactive media will show you help with your selected subject.
Its android application is also available, you can download it from Here.

With this facility, students need no tuition or any other help. It will decrease their dependency on teachers and tutors. They are now able to browse and get help about anything from their syllabus.

For my amazement, Teachers' Guides are also available on this portal so they too can cope with the latest science and technology topics.

There was a high demand for the use of technology in the education sector for the easiness of students. This web portal made optimal use of resources and have expanded education reach to both urban and rural areas equally. This portal is not meant to replace teachers or traditional printed books but to aid them. Its purpose is to provide students and teachers with easy access to maximum resources.

This eLearning system is not only available to students of government institutions but for private too. Moreover, students for other provinces and territories may also use it as there is no registration to use it so anyone can use it but the only problem they may face is that the order of the topics and the syllabus may be different from their syllabus. But even then they may find a number of similar topics here. Students, teachers and parents are very happy about this free online learning facility. One of the major useful aspects of this service is that student can repeatedly listen or watch the lecture on a certain topic until he understands it, while it was not possible in the traditional in-class lectures where if a student cannot understand any topic during the lecture he used to ask his tutor to clarify it. But it was difficult for people to send daughters to male tutors. Now with eLearn.Punjab, such type of students who could not afford or don't want to go to a private tutor/ academy due to any other reason, they can use it free while sitting at their homes.

This state of the art online learning facility will ensure that every student is availing the equal opportunity and overall results will also improve.

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