7 Useful SMS Services by Government for Every Pakistani

CNIC Verification (7000)

Now you can get verification of any person’s CNIC. Simply write CNIC Number without dashes and send it to 7000. In reply, you will get the name and father’s name of that particular CNIC number holder (in Urdu fonts). Example: write 3420654982657 and send to 7000 Charges: Rs. 10 plus tax per Message.

Vehicle Verification Punjab (9966)

You can easily check details about any vehicle with Punjab registration number just by sending an SMS containing the registration number of your vehicle to 9966. And you will get all the important information on your mobile. For more details visit.

Vehicle Verification Islamabad (8521)

Send Chassis No. (in the form CNO ABCXXXXX) of the any Islamabad registered vehicle to 8521 and you will get all necessary details on your mobile phone. Click here to find details.

SIM Information System (668)

To find out the total number of mobile SIM’s registered against any CNIC, just send CNIC  to 668 through SMS. In return, you will receive the detail of total SIMs along with the name of the mobile companies. It is free of cost service. For details visit.

SIM Ownership Verification (667)

You can send a blank message to 667 to verify your SIM ownership. The response includes the name of the person and the CNIC number. 

Vote Verification (8300)

Write your 13 digits CNIC Number and send it to 8300. The reply message will contain Name, City, Village, Tehsil, District, Electoral Area and Serial Number of the vote. Click here for more details.

ATL Active Tax Payer List Verification (9966) 

Simply type “ATL space 13 digits CNIC No” and send it on 9966 from the mobile phone. This facility may be used to determine the filer/ non-filer status of the income taxpayers from the Active Taxpayers List (ATL).


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