SPS - Special Pay Scales in Pakistan

SPS (Special Pay Scales) are implemented in some federal government departments of Pakistan. SPS is a different pay scale system than BPS. Mainly, this type of pay scales is applied in strategic, defense and research organizations e.g. PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission), KRL (Kahuta Research Laboratories), SUPARCO, NESCOM etc. 

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Here is the detail of all SPS – Special Pay Scales from SPS-1 to SPS-14. 

Initial basic pay of Special Pay Scales is under: 
SPS-1 = Rs. 6440 
SPS-2 = Rs. 7720 
SPS-3 = Rs. 9260 
SPS-4 = Rs. 11080 
SPS-5 = Rs. 14770 
SPS-6 = Rs. 15690 
SPS-7 = Rs. 16620 
SPS-8 = Rs. 20500 
SPS-9 = Rs. 28200 
SPS-10 = Rs. 35000 
SPS-11 = Rs. 36000 
SPS-12 = Rs. 41800 
SPS-13 = Rs. 44100 
SPS-14 = Rs. 51700 

SPS Pay Scales
SPS Pay Scales - 2011

Each pay scale has different annual increments which are added every year. Moreover, different allowances e.g. STA (Special Technical Allowance), NCA Service Allowance and some other allowances may also be applicable. 

By adding all allowances Total Pay becomes almost double of the basic pay. 


  1. I think CSS exam has scale of 17.What are its specifications?

  2. Whether SPS-2011 maxim and minimum figures are basis salary? or it inclusive of house rent and other fringe benefits.

    1. Minimum Pay is the starting basic pay while Maximum Pay is Maximum Basic Pay. Allowances are seperate from this

    2. AnonymousMay 12, 2023

      how much total salary of sps 4 scale adding all allownces?

  3. In sps scale is there any scence and technology allowance for mphil degree holders?

  4. is there any science and technology allowance for mphil in SPS scale

  5. There is no allowance for M. Phil. However, there is a PhD allowance worth Rs. 10000 per month.

  6. any info about icreasing NCA Allowance of PAEC employees?

    1. NCA allowance will be increased by 20% from July 2016.

  7. Why there is so much difference between pays of PAEC employes and pays of PARC employes what benefits does PAEC employes gets and PARC employes didn't because both organizations have SPS pay scale?

  8. i m sps-14 my salary is 40 thousand..
    is this ok or it is less

  9. What is fresh total salary of imam sps 4 in atomic energy along with all allowance .plz send me allowance detail

  10. Hey,
    Can anyone let me know what is the Start Pay of "SPS5" these days?

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