Detailed Salary Chart of BPS Pay Scales

Are you searching for detail of any BPS Pay Scale including Gross Pay, Net Pay (Take Home Pay), Initial Basic Pay, Annual Increment, HRA, Conveyance Allowance, Medical Allowance, Adhoc Relief Allowance etc. 

Have you got a new government job or planning to apply for a job in BPS pay scale but confused that how much salary you will get after joining a government department? Usually when a job is advertised or pay scale referred, only basic pay is quoted in the form of 8500-700-29500 (i.e. Min. Pay – Annual Increment – Maximum Pay) which is basic pay of BPS-15. Most people think that this is the total pay that is not true as total pay includes several types of allowance. So, gross or total pay become almost more than double the basic pay.

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Below is a detailed chart of salaries of BPS Pay Scales.

BPS Pay Scale
BPS Pay Scale

Above table shows only approximate gross pay which includes only common allowances but various other allowances are also admissible in many departments e.g. Special Relief Allowance, Teaching Allowance, Charge Allowance, Qualification Allowance, Efficiency Allowance, advance increments, annual increments etc. Many departments have special allowances. 

Many deductions are also applicable e.g. GPF, Income Tax and few other subscriptions etc. 

Gross Pay = Basic Pay + All Allowances
Net Pay (Take Home Pay) = Gross Pay – Deductions 


  1. is 2013 appointee applicable for AR10, AR11 and AR12 ?
    please reply

  2. Azeem TanoliMay 15, 2014

    not for adhoc but for regular increments yes

  3. Please let me know the starting salary of BPS 18 as lecturer in medical teaching university. Please give me a detailed answer along with calculations of all allowances.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  4. Please let me know is there any allowance of Mphil in medical teaching universities in Sindh province of Pakistan?

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