Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai - Most Successful Pakistani Blogger

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is a young entrepreneur from Karachi, Pakistan. He did Computer Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi. He is a genius blogger. He is one of the highest earning Pakistani bloggers.
Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

He is a successful blogger, an SEO expert and a skilled web developer. He started his blogging career in 2008 and now running many websites under “STC Network” e.g.,, UCut.It etc. He is also providing his web services to customers around the world. STC Network is Pakistan's first registered blogging company which pays regular income tax to the government. He has established an office in Karachi for his online business.

According to his website, he was born in 1989 in Baluchistan. He belonged to a middle-class family and started working for Rs.500 per month at a flower shop after school at the age of just 8 years. In 2000 his family moved to Karachi in search of a good future. After completing A-Levels, he applied for a USA study visa which was rejected. In 2008 he got admission in NED University and also started blogging. In the beginning, he had only a few daily visitors and earning was only $1 per month with Google AdSense. And now he is living a lavish life due to his online business. 

He is a sign of hope for many young Pakistanis. He has conducted many seminars in various universities and colleges to motivate students to work online. Many have learned to earn online through his blogs.

He wrote on his blog, " When you intend to do something innovative in life, people will tell you that you can not do it but when you prove that you can, the same person would ask you: How you did it? So don't give up and keep blogging humbly.”


  1. i stared my blog bcs i was inspired by Mustafa :)

  2. Thank you for all the love and respect dear Gul. I am just a small man who is trying to share what he learns along the way. Respect comes from God else there are many great Pakistani bloggers out there. I am only a gardener who is trying to keep blogging ever green in the country

    God bless you for considering me worth a mention.

    @the next rex

    All credits goes to your efforts buddy =)

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