Top-7 ways to Earn Online Money in Pakistan

In a recent post on this topic, I have discussed how to make money online and why? In that post, I wrote about the need for working online and its basic concepts. Read the full post here.

Click on the following link to learn "How to earn with Google AdSense in Urdu".

In this post, I will show you few best methods of working online and making money. Many Pakistanis are working on one or more ways and earning handsome amounts. I have also worked with some of these myself successfully and researched on others as well before writing this post. Below are the 7 best ways to earn online. I will discuss each way briefly so you can have an idea of these ways. However, I would suggest you learn more about any specific method before working on it.

Ways to Earn Online Money in Pakistan
Top-7 Ways to Earn Online in Pakistan

Top-7 ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

1. Blogging

Blogging is on the top due to two major reasons; firstly it is easy to start and maintain and secondly, you can start a free blog initially. A blog is a type of website where you write posts regularly on any topic. People interested in these topics visit your blog website and you earn by displaying ads on your blog.

I also started my online career by creating a free blog on Blogspot. You can also create a free blog on There are many other websites which offer free blogs. Simply fill out simple forms and choose layout and design of your blog and your blog will be available online. Now login to your dashboard, customize settings of it and start writing posts on it. Once your blog is ready, submit its URL to major search engines and also promote it on social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc. Soon you will see visitors coming to your blog.

Now its time to earn money from it, you can register your blog with any ad network e.g. Google AdSense, InfoLinks etc. If your blog fulfills Google's requirements, apply for Google AdSense. Work hard on writing your blog and promoting it, you will start earning slowly in the start but keep working and you will get good results.  In Pakistan, you will get paid via Western Union, once your earnings reached minimum 100$.

2. Freelance Jobs

If you are computer literate and can work for others, you may join any network of freelancers. There are many websites (e.g, which provide a platform to freelancers and employers. Here employers post jobs and workers bid on their jobs. Employer award job to a suitable worker and deposit its bid amount to the freelance platform, upon the successful completion of the job, freelancer get paid via cheque, direct deposit in the bank or via a debit card issued by the company. There are many different types of jobs posted every day from simple typing jobs to engineering projects, website designs and graphics designing etc.

There are the other type of freelance networks (e.g where you create your profile and enlist jobs you can do for a fixed amount. People who are interested to hire you will contact you via the same network's website and will pay you after the job completion. This amount will be kept in your virtual account and you can withdraw it via PayPal or Payoneer Card etc.

3. Online Store

This option is best for those who are already in the business of selling or manufacturing goods. You can open an online store by creating a website for it or simply create a Facebook Fan page for it where you can post details and price of your products and people who are willing to buy will contact you. Many people are selling goods just by posting ads on OLX and other classified ad websites. This option requires investment to store products, to develop a website and to make delivery arrangements e.g. Courier.

4. Writing for Others

If you are good in writing, you can join other websites/ blogs as a content writer. Pro-bloggers often welcome paid writers on their blogs and pay you per post. You can also write posts and stories for others or simply can work as an editor. This is the most simple method in which you don't need to create a website or sell anything. Just write a blog post using any Text Editor Software e.g. MS Word and send to the admin of the blog. 

5. Software and Website Development

If you are an IT Expert, you can develop websites, software and mobile applications for others. This field has huge earning potential. Just create a website for you and enlist your abilities and show your work to the world. Put your completed projects in the portfolio section of the website. People from around the world will contact you to develop a website or program for them. You can also work as Freelancer Developer, see no. 2 above.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a popular earning tool. You create accounts with different sellers and promote their products by different means using your own affiliate ID/ URL. You can refer your friends and contacts or can write an eBook to promote a product or can add their ads on your website. These companies will pay you commission for every sale made through you. 

7. Reseller Business

Reseller business is also a good way to make money online but requires hard work and marketing skills. Reseller web hosting business is very popular these days. People buy things from the main company and resell to customers with own brand name and on own prices. For example, people buy bulk hosting space from a big company and resell to customers with their own custom packages and rates. There are also some companies which let you sell hosting space without buying. These companies give you wholesale rates and you sell these products to your customers on your price. You act like a middle man where customers buy things from the main company without knowing this. In this business, reseller business companies usually assist you to develop your online store. Just promote your virtual store and earn a commission on sales.


Above I have written the best methods for the people of Pakistan to earn money online. If you have tried any of the above methods, please share your success or failure story and your experiences. Please also help others by providing your precious advice in this regard.
 If you know any other good way of earning, you are welcome to write it in comments.

Note: Don't post links of scam websites or your referral links otherwise your comment will be deleted.


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  4. online jobs are very good options because they are easy to handle and it can be done effectively because a person no need to go anywhere he can does his work by staying his home.

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