Jul 21, 2012

NADRA to Introduce Smart CNIC - Secure and Multipurpose Identity Card

NADRA to Introduce Smart NIC in Pakistan

NADRA is going to introduce new Identity Card, Smart NIC. According to resources this is the world's most secure and multi-purpose NIC. This new SNIC will be launched on 14 August, 2012. Price of Smart NIC is wtill to be fixed. Cabinet will give approval of Smart NIC before formal launch.

NADRA will soon introduce New Smart NIC
NADRA will soon introduce New Smart NIC

New Smart National Identity Card will come with 36 security features while existing CNIC has 16 security features. A Micro-Chip will also be installed on this card, which will keep biometric data of the holder. These features will make this card World's Safest and Most Secure Identity Card.

NADRA's New Smart NIC is also a multidimensional and multi-use card which can also be used in many other ways. It can also be used as Credit Card, NADRA is negotiating with banks to provide this facility. Holder will also be able to avail various other services of public interest e.g. Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Branch-less Banking, Money Transfer, Money Disbursement in Flood Earthquake and other Natural Disasters, e-Gate Facility on Motorway and many other such useful facilities. It can also be used for online voting in national elections.

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) has already set many good examples in IT and e-Government Sectors. Smart NIC is also another milestone towards excellence.

Chairman NADRA M. Tariq Malik gave briefing to the PM and cabinet about the features of Smart NIC. He said that new NIC would help the government to make Pakistan a welfare state. He also told that NADRA has already issued over 92 million identity cards to the eligible voters and about 96 percent of the adult population of Pakistan has been registered with NADRA.

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NADRA has launched Smart National ID Cards
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