My UBL Wiz Prepaid VISA Credit Card

My Own Credit Card
I was in need of a payment tool, with which I can make online payments and I also want to avoid traditional credit cards due to heavy interest/ markup and service charges on these cards. I started my search for a unique card from various Pakistani and international banks and other monitory solution providers.  All these searches ends-up due to one or other reason or hurdle, and I reached on UBL Wiz Card which is best suitable for me. I visited the nearest UBL Online branch and they issued me a Prepaid Debit Card in hardly half an hour.

Plus Points of UBL VISA Prepaid Card
I made my decision to get UBL Visa Debit Card due to the following reasons:
  1. No Annual Charges
  2. No issuance fee on the purchase of card of Rs.10, 000 and above
  3. Can shop within Pakistan and make online payments
  4. Can withdraw money from any ATM
  5. Can also be used to pay money for fuel at various filling stations
  6. No need to have an account with UBL Bank
  7. The card can be reloaded with any amount any time in future
  8. Instant issuance of the card, no hassle of waiting for the card
  9. No long registration and approval processes
  10. Nationwide availability and International acceptability

Successful Transaction through UBL Wiz Card
I am a Pakistani Blogger/ Website Owner and I had to pay some renewal charges for my domain names. I used my UBL Wiz Card to pay money online via It was very simple and I also got a confirmation SMS from UBL which includes transaction details, withdrawal amount and remaining balance.

Who can get UBL Visa Prepaid Card?
Any person with a valid NADRA CNIC can have up to 3 UBL Wiz Cards. UBL offers 3 different card types:
  1. UBL Wiz Traveler/ Internet Card
  2. UBL Wiz Teen Card
  3. UBL Wiz Ladies Card
You have to provide a copy of your CNIC, proof of your employment or business, and to fill a simple registration form. Deposit money in your UBL Wiz Card account and you have done all. You will be given a card, call to UBL Call Center to activate your card. Once activated, you can use this card anywhere.


  1. Hi admin,

    Thanks for this post.

    I have bank account in UBL. and I also have the VISA card activated for internet transactions. I also love it. It made my life easier. As a Muslim I hate credit cards because of interests. Now I use my visa debit card to make payments online.

  2. I think its a best way to do online shopping securely and safely without having credit card or debit card of any bank. Thanks for your information, i will surely get my UBL Wiz card tomorrow. Thanks alot

  3. hey buddy I have also gotten WIZ card yesterday. UBL wiz traverllar. when should I call the call centre for my card activation?

  4. Salam name is Haseeb...about three months ago I got the UBL wiz card and was disappointed...the site I wanted to pay never accepted the card and everytime I tried to make it work I was charged 1 the ubl was only effective enough to waste my money and I m still waitin for an alternative way to pay online

    1. Brother i m Sunny.

      I have been using Scb Visa Debit Card anf Mcb Visa Lite Debit Card for my Internet and local purchases and it has been working fine for me and over apple store as well.

    2. Brother try usung Scb Visa Debit Card and MC LITE VISA DEBITCARD. i have tried it over internet n over apple store as well.

  5. Hi Everyone,
    I am also having problem paying online with UBL WIZ Card. It is OK with some vendors while UBL WIZ didn't work with many online payment platforms. I have contacted with UBL Online customer support, but that was not helpful to resolve the issue.

  6. Thanks for this useful info. It will really help me to get through my international transactions.

  7. i hate ubl there Online Banking and international Banking is so poooorrrrrr......

  8. AnonymousJuly 28, 2012

    salam brothers
    i want to know is ubl wiz card work to pay for paypal
    and to parches skype credit or to by any softwear from internet.
    plz reply who has experienc

  9. is it's just acceptable within pakistan ?
    or we can shop worldwide.

  10. AnonymousJune 01, 2014

    Salm i suggest u d'nt use their wiz card online I lost my money during purchasing online the helpline is shit of bull they said that your amount is succesfully proceede contact to the merchant.they even d'nt know their own name well ubl crapppppppp bullshittttttt they fraud with peoples.116 rs is for section charges another amount where goes they d'nt know if u use your card online u lost ur money that's all

  11. well i apply for ubl wiz card.i want to shopping in worldwide website EA Origin.Is this card acceptable in EA website because EA they recommended a visa chip.

  12. Well i read all these comments some guys saying that wiz card is good but some others are saying they are cheaters.I already apply for the wiz card for my internet shopping.Is this card is acceptable worldwide in any visa chip website.I want to buy games in origin which is the product of EA(Electronics Arts).EA recommended the visa chip cards..

  13. I lost my UBL Omni ATM what am i do??

  14. ubl wiz teen card cannot be used on internet for web hosting or any other online payment it is just waste of time i have used it and it was not working also call centre staff were so in compitent that they were unable to resolve or even understand the issue

  15. Can I use UBL wiz internet card to buy apps from Google play or Appstore?
    If anyone has used this card and successfully bought any apps,kindly let me know.
    Also,what other ways are there for buying apps?

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