Think before Writing Guest Posts

It is a very famous proverb that “Always think before you speak”, it can be used for writing as well as speech. We must be very conscious before writing something e.g. Blog Posts and Guest Posts & Articles.

Everybody on the internet is advocating guest blogging but I have a different perspective about writing guest posts. I think that a Blogger should not consider writing guest posts on other’s blogs until he makes his own blog mature (established).

The discussion starts from a guest post “The Importance of Guest Blogging” by Christopher Roberts on Ari Herzog’s blog, in which the writer describes the advantages of guest blogging. I floated my idea in comments that a new Blogger should avoid writing guest posts. He should focus on design, content and Search Engine and Social Media Optimization of his own blog. However, he may invite other Pro-Bloggers to write articles for his blog. I am a regular visitor and commenter of Ari Herzog’s blog.

I know the importance of guest posts. This is a Win-Win-Win situation, in which Blog Owner gets exclusive articles for his blog, Guest Writer gets backlinks and new visitors for his blog and Readers got new ideas and quality articles to read. I am not against this very effective link building strategy but I am not in favor of writing guest posts by newbies. I think that a new blogger should firstly concentrate on own blog. He should try different themes and templates, add and test different widgets, test the functionality of all the features of his blog, write various good quality articles on his blog and manually submit his blog to search engines and internet directories.

There is no substitute for having good quality exclusive posts on your blog. Once your blog will be established from all corners, you can write as many guest posts as you want and I am sure that you will get the maximum outcome from all of your guest writings.

Ari Herzog and Christopher Roberts are very honorable Pro-Bloggers and I am sure they will tolerate and appreciate my unusual opinion.

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