Pakistan Zindabaad – 22 Sailors of MV Suez reached Pakistan

Pakistan Zindabaad – Pakistanis, Indian, Egyptian and Sri Lankan Hostages Reached Pakistan
The Pakistani nation has given a message of peace, humanity and true friendship to the world especially India, Egypt and Sri Lanka by releasing hostages from Somali Captives. This was an illustration that Pakistan is a very sovereign country and Pakistanis are united in any hard times.
A crew of 22 people of MV Suez (Merchant Vessel Suez) has reached safely at KPT (Karachi Port) after release from prison of over 10 months by Somali Captives. This crew includes 4 Pakistanis, 6 Indians, 11 Egyptians and 1 Sri Lankan sailors.
The MV Suez was kidnapped by Somali pirates in August 2010 and released on June 14, 2011, after payment of $2.1 million as a ransom to the pirates. The sailors were warmly welcomed in Pakistan at Karachi Dockyard.
This operation was codenamed as Umeed-e-Nau. Pakistan Navy and its two ships; PNS Babur and PNS Zulfiqar participated in this operation.
MV Suez Ship was owned by an Egyptian company and has been sunk due to technical problems and strong winds in the ocean.
Captain Wasi and all other rescued Pakistani and foreigner persons thanked the Pakistani Nation, Pakistani Media, Social Worker Ansar Burney, Governor Sind Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad, ISI Chief General Shujaa Pasha and Naval chief Admiral Noman Bashir for their support. Daughter of Captain Wasi, Laila also thanked the nation and others who helped to free her father from Somali Pirates.
I congratulate all Pakistani Nation on this huge success.

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