Pakistan's IT Industry

IT Industry of Pakistan

Pakistan is a growing IT power of the world. During the last decade, a revolution was seen in the Information Sector in Pakistan. Pakistan has achieved many milestones in this field. Now there are millions of internet users, 75% of the population has mobile phone service and every literate person is a user of computer and internet services. Information Technology is being taught up to degree level in almost every university and many IT graduates are passing out. Information Technology is being used in every office and some Paperless Green Offices by some multinational companies are also in operation successfully.

Pakistanis are using the computer, internet, mobile phones for communication purpose and sharing information, for entertainment and education, for earning and learning, for doing business and exploring the world, for doing online business and searching jobs. There are many software houses working very hard in both making computer soft wares and mobile applications. Web designing is also very common by various professionals.
Pakistan is showing its presence in every field of the IT sector internationally, though its share is not so much prominent in the international market but appreciable.

This all has become possible because of the provision of high-quality internet facility to every individual in every corner of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan has taken very serious steps for the development of the IT sector. PTA has played its role very effectively for the growth of telecommunication and information sectors. There are 02 Landline Telephone Service Providers, 05 Mobile Phone Service Providers, 04 Wi-max providers with other WLL and VoIP companies. Following companies are also very prominent in the development of IT Sector of Pakistan:

PTCL: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd is a government organization responsible for main telecommunication infrastructure in Pakistan. PTCL provides landline telephone connections throughout Pakistan with other services e.g. DSL Internet…

NTC: National Telecommunication Company is the official IT Service Provider of Government of Pakistan. It also provides landline telephone and internet connection but mainly to government offices and personnel.

Vfone: Vfone is a company of PTCL. Vfone is the largest WLL (Wireless Local Loop) Network of Pakistan. It is available everywhere in Pakistan; rural and urban. Vfone can be used for calls and internet surfing.

WorldCall: WorldCall is a pioneer WLL company in Pakistan and also has a number of subscribers. It also offers telephone and internet services.

Wateen: Wateen Telecom offers WiMAX telephone, internet, mobile, TV and other telecommunication services in Pakistan. It is a UAE based company.

Wi-Tribe: Wi-Tribe is a popular Broadband service provider. But it provides its services only in a few cities.

Qubee: Qubee is a new Broadband Service Provider in Pakistan. Currently, Qubee operates only in major cities.

Evo: PTCL Evo (3G Nitro etc) is a USB Modem type Broadband Internet Provider having comparatively vast coverage area and high internet speed.

USB Modems of Mobile Companies: All mobile companies (Mobilink, Zong, Warid, Telenor, Ufone) give internet services over their separate USB Type Modems and on their Regular Mobile SIM Connections. These USB Modems and SIM Connections can be used for internet and WAP browsing.

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