Pakistan Flood – Help to Deprived People of Pakistan

Pakistan Flood – Help to Deprived People of Pakistan
Please help to your brothers who are facing hunger from last many weeks. They are in short of food and drinking water. They even have not to shelter for them, their children and women. Millions of men, women and children are facing real starvation. The situation is worse in some areas of Pakistan than of Somalia. People are dying due to lack of food and water. They are facing many types of diseases, and the medical facility is not enough. There is no exact data of loss due to flood disaster but it is estimated that the loss is more than the total loss of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake – all put together! Moreover, the scale of the disaster has just begun to become clear but there are already fears of another wave of floods, as the monsoon season continues.

Flood survivors are in need of massive generous support from their Pakistani brothers as well as the international community. Water is everywhere but people don’t have a single drop to drink.

How to Help to Flood Affected Pakistanis?

You can help your brothers in many ways.

1. You can personally go to any affected area and offer your help if they are in your approach. Ask them how you can help them.

2. You can give donations to any government organization or NGOs. Pakistan Government has announced an account number in which you can deposit your funds. Different other organizations are also in action e.g. Edhi Foundation, you can also give donations to any of trustworthy NGO.

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