Blogger's Party in Lahore Pakistan- Blogger's Fiesta Meetup

Blogger’s Party in Lahore Pakistan
There are many Bloggers in Pakistan who are using as a platform for their blogs. Many of them are enjoying free hosting and free Blogspot subdomain while some are using their own domain name and hosting services of

11th Birthday of Blogger
On August 31, 2010 will be 11 years. This is the first time when is hosting the Blogger Global Birthday Party. Till now 77 birthday parties have been announced in different parts of the world wherever Blogger Community exists.

Blogger Fiesta Meet up in Lahore Pakistan
Pakistani Bloggers will also celebrate 11th Birthday of Blogger dot com in Lahore on Tuesday 31 August, 2010 at 0800 PM.

How to Participate in the Blogger Birthday Party in Lahore Pakistan
1.       Just go to
2.       Click on Lahore –Pakistan from the list or find Lahore in map. Then click on “I’m Interested” Button.
3.       Enter your original name, email address and home address.
4.       You will be contacted soon by the organizer with an invitation to this party.
5.       You can also organize a Blogger Birthday Party in your area or city of Pakistan by visiting the same website

What Benefits You will Get
You will be able to meet other Bloggers of Your Area.
You will get a chance to meet with pillars of software industry of your area.
You will get new ideas of blogging, marketing and earning money from your blog.
You will get income generating opportunities from local advertising and paid posting of products.

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