How to get NADRA B Form (CRC)

NADRA B From is a registration document used to register children under the age of 18 years. B-Form is also known as the Child Registration Certificate (CRC). Father or mother of the child should be a holder of valid CNIC or NICOP. B-Form is a very important document as you will require it on different occasions e.g. at the time of children admission in school.

NADRA stands for National Database and Registration Authority which is an attached department under the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan. It is responsible for establishing a database of all citizens of Pakistan and issuing them identity cards or identity documents. 

NADRA Form-B Requirements

Parents of the child can apply for registration of Form-B. And the following documents required:
  1. Original CNIC of father and mother along with photocopies
  2. Mother's CNIC status must show her married. It's mean her marriage should be first registered in NADRA and the name of the husband should appear on the CNIC.
  3. Union Council's Child Birth Certificate; original and photocopy


Parents can apply for Form-B or Child Registration Certificate (CRC) by visiting any NADRA Registration Center. Here is a complete step by step guide for applying Form-B:
  1. A token will be issued to you
  2. Your photograph will be captured
  3. Your fingerprints and signature will be taken
  4. Your required data entry will be done and printed application form will be handed over to you
  5. Please submit the form to the concerned NADRA office after attestation by a gazetted officer. 
Condition of attestation by a gazetted office may be waived off if there is any of your blood relative (father/ mother/ brother/ sister/ son/ daughter) present at the time of application at NADRA office.  Then his/ her biometrics will be taken and resultantly form attestation will not be required.

If Parents are not Present

In situations where parents are not present then first blood relatives can apply for B-form. However, he will have to present the Court Guardian Certificate and if both of the parents have expired, a death certificate will be required to fulfill NADRA's requirements.

NADRA B Form Fee Schedule and Delivery

NADRA B-Form fee for normal delivery is Rs. 50. Normally it will take 7-10 working days from submission of form to the delivery of Form-B.
And the fee for urgent delivery is Rs. 500 and usually it takes about 3-7 days for the preparation and delivery of the B-Form.
But as per my personal experience, you will get it much earlier, thanks to the NADRA's efficient system.

Difference between B Form and Birth Certificate

NADRA's Form-B or CRC is a different document than Birth Registration Certificate (which is generally issued by Union Councils) and NADRA Juvenile Card (which is a CNIC Identity Card for the children). The birth certificate is children registration in local union council while NADRA B-Form is issued directly by NADRA. It not only issues CNIC number for the children but also includes the child in the family tree of the central database. The same CNIC number given on the Form-B will be used for issuing CNIC identity card at the age of 18 years.

NADRA Office Timing

Normal working hours for NADRA Registration Centers are from 08:00am to 04:00pm Monday to Friday except on gazetted holidays. But there are some main centers in major big cities which remain open for double and triple shifts.
Timing in double shift centers is from 08:30am to 08:30pm while centers, where triple shifts are implemented, remain open continuously for 24 hours a day.

Nadra B Form Picture

Following is a picture of B-Form for illustration purpose.

Nadra B Form Picture

NADRA B form Information in Urdu

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, so it is easily understandable for the people of Pakistan. So we try to write in Urdu on the topic which has information for common people who may face difficulty to read and understand it in English. Below we have written important information in Urdu regarding NADRA B Form.
NADRA B form Information in Urdu

Tracking of B Form Application through SMS

NADRA has developed an SMS service for status tracking of your application, click here for details.

NADRA Helpline Number

Dial 7000 from the mobile phone (Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor and Zong) and +92-51-111786100 (for fixed lines and overseas applicants) for Nadra helpline.


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