Saturday, June 13, 2015

40+ Beautiful Places You Wouldn't Believe are in Pakistan

Pakistan is rich in exotic and beautiful places for tourism. It is a country which have all four seasons and also full of naturally beautiful places; lakes, mountains, beaches, glaciers, water falls, rivers, canals, valleys, deserts, forests, lush green plains.... There are only few countries in the world which have all these seasons and colors and with the grace of Almighty Allah, Pakistan is blessed with all these.

In Pakistan there are a number of world's most beautiful places, at first glance you will not believe that these places are in Pakistan. You might think that it is a scene of somewhere in Europe, a scene from a Hollywood movie or computer generated graphics but these all photos are of real places are in Pakistan.

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Aansoo Lake


Astore Gilgit




Banjosa Lake




Biafo Glacier, KaraKoram Range, Gilgit Baltistan


Chapursan Valley


Chitta Khata Lake


Dudipastar Lake


Fairy Meadows


Fizza Ghat Swat


Gashebrum Glacier,  Karakoram, Gilgit Baltistan


Gawadar Port


Gilgit Baltistan


Glacier river Baltoro Glacier Concordia


Hanna Lake


Hilan Bagh


Hunza Valley

Hunza is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit Baltistan, It was formerly a princely state. The Hunza valley is situated north-west of the Hunza River, at an elevation of around 2,500 meters.






Kachura Lake


Kalam Valley, Swat

Kalam is known for splendid waterfalls, lakes and lush green hills. It is situated along the Swat River in Swat Valley, at a 270 km drive from Islamabad.


Khurdopin Pass


Lake Saiful Maluk


Lalazar Lake


Malamjabba Swat


Matteo Zanga - Nanga Parbat



Nathia Gali is a mountain resort town or hill station in Hazara, KPK. It is situated 34 km away from both Murree and Abbottabad.


Neelum Valley

Neelam Valley is a 144 km long bow-shaped valley in Muzaffarabad (The Capital of Azad Kashmir).

Paras Valley Naran


Payee Shogran




Rawlakot AJK






Soumyani Beach


Thar Desert


Utor Valley


Wall of Sindh, Ranikot 

It is another wall like China Wall but world don't know about it. It is almost 35km wall around mountains. It was built almost in the same era when China wall was built..

Yazghil Sar




Friday, June 5, 2015

Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Route, Stations and Ticketing Details

Metro Bus Service has been started from today in Islamabad-Rawalpindi twin cities. It is the second metro bus service in Pakistan. Lahore Metro is already running since 2013. Government has also plans for Metro Bus Services in Faisalabad, Multan, Karachi and Peshawar. 

Ticketing booths, escalators, platform screen, toilets, doors turnstiles for automatic fare collection and all other facilities for passenger convenience are provided at all stations. Free WiFi is also available at all Metro stations and in the buses.

Islamabad Metro has 68 buses in its fleet.

Islamabad Metro Bus Service

Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Bus Stations

There are 14 stations in Islamabad and 10 stations in Rawalpindi. Stations in Rawalpindi are Saddar, Marrir Chowk, Liaqat Bagh, Committee Chowk, Waris Khan, Hospital/ Chandani Chowk, Rehmanabad, 6th Road, Shamsabad and Faizabad. Stations in Islamabad are IJP Road, Pothohar Road, Khyaban-e-Johar, Faiz Ahmed Faiz Road, Kashmir Highway, Chamman Road, Ibn-e-Sina Road, Katchehri Station, Centaurus, Saudi Pak Tower, 7th Avenue, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Parade Ground and Secretariat. 

Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Bus Route

Total length of the route is 24km. Here is an interactive Metro Bus Route

How to Buy and Use Tokens/ Cards?

How to Buy Metro Bus Smart Card

Single-ride tokens are for single journey and can be bought from the ticketing booth at Metro Stations. RFID based Metro Cards can also be bought from the stations by paying a security deposit of Rs. 133. You can load money in this smart card. 
To know more details about Metro Smart Cards, you can visit following link
Metro Bus Smart Card

Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to Pay Bills Online with MCB Internet Banking

MCB account holders can now pay their utility bills through MCB Internet Banking. MCB offers online payment of  25 utility companies. If you are a MCB Bank account holder and also have MCB Visa Debit Card, you can get registered for MCB Internet Banking by visiting MCB Bank website.

You can register your family's cell numbers and utility bills with MCB virtual banking for easiness.

Utility Bills Payment with MCB Internet Banking

How to Register a Biller/ Company for Online Bills Payment?

Login to your MCB Internet Banking account at

Go to Bills Payment => Register Biller => Add New Biller. 

Select your Biller from the drop down list. Enter mobile number for mobile companies (Zong, Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor and Warid) or relevant Consumer Number for other companies e.g. PTCL, SNGPL, PEPCO etc. Enter any nick name for your ease e.g. My Account, My Mobile, My Gas Bill, My Electricity Bill etc.

You may have to confirm any new biller from your registered email.

How to Pay Bills Online?

After login, go to Bills Payment => Pay Bill.

Fill Biller details, select your you name as customer, select a biller from drop down list (list contains all utility companies that you have already registered), select your account.

Enter the amount you want to pay or you may seen the bill amount. Press Pay button. And you will receive confirmation email.

Utility Companies

Following 25 companies have partnered with MCB for online bills payment.

(Note: You can load balance in your prepaid mobile numbers and pay bills of post paid mobile numbers)




Payment of the utility bill(s) through MCB Internet Banking is subject to availability of account balance.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

List of Live Pakistani TV Channels to Watch Online

It was a time when there were only two TV channels in Pakistan; PTV and STN. PTV was national channel while STN was a private TV channel. Then PTV became PTV Home and also launched other channels i.e. PTV News, PTV National, PTV AJK, PTV Sports and PTV Global while STN became ATV. But now there is a long list of Pakistani news, entertainment, religious, regional, sports, music and foods television channels.

Here is a list of some popular TV channels which have official live streams available online.

Live Religious Channels

ARY QTV – To view Live ARY QTV click here.
Peace TV – Though it is not a Pakistani channel but have huge viewership in Pakistan. To view Live Peace TV UK, Peace TV USA and Peace TV Urdu click here.

Live Pakistani News Channels

Here is a list of 24 Live Pakistani news channels that you can view online:
Aaj News – You can watch Live Aaj News here.
ARY News – To watch high quality Live ARY News click here.
Channel 5 – To watch Khabrain Group's Live Channel 5 click here.
Channel 24 – Claiming to be Pakistan’s first and only current affairs channel, Channel 24 can be viewed Live here. 
City 42 – To view local city news from Lahore click here.
Jaag TV – Previously CNBC Pakistan you can view Jaag TV here.
Dawn News – Dawn Media Group's Dawn News TV can be viewed live here.
DIN News – Live DIN News can be viewed here and also here.
Dunya News – Live Dunya News in HD quality can be viewed here
Express News – Live Express News can be watched here.
Geo News – Live Geo News can be viewed here.
Geo Tez – Geo group’s other news channel Live Geo Tez in HD quality can be viewed here.
Khyber News – Pakistan first Live Pashto News channel Live Khyber News can be viewed here.
Koh e Noor TV – You can view this channel live here.
KTN News – One of the leading Sindhi News Channels Live KTN News can be viewed in HD here.
News One – Live News One can be viewed here.
PTV News – Live PTV News can be viewed here.
PTV World – It is a PTV's English News Channel and can be viewed here.
Royal News – To watch Live Royal News click here.
SAMAA News – To watch Live SAMAA news click here.
Such TV – You can view Such TV live by clicking here.
Waqt TV – Channel owned by the Nawa-i-Waqt group can be viewed here.
92 News HD – Pakistan’s first HD Live news channel 92 News can be viewed here.

Live Pakistani Entertainment Channels

ARY Digital – Famous for its shows such as Jeeto Pakistan, Live ARY Digital can be viewed here.
ARY Zindagi – Live ARY Zindagi can be viewed here.
A PLUS TV – Relatively newer entrant in the Pakistani entertainment scene, Live A Plus TV can be viewed here.
APNA Channel – To watch Punjabi entertainment channel Live APNA News in HD quality click here.
ATV – Live ATV can be viewed here.
AVT Khyber – To watch Pashto entertainment Live AVT Khyber click here.
Express Entertainment – Express group’s entertainment channel can be viewed here.
Geo Kahani – GEO Kahani is an entertainment channel of GEO television network. Live Geo Kahani can be viewed here.
Geo Entertainment - Har Pal Geo – You can view Live Geo Entertainment here.
HUM TV – Live HUM TV can be viewed here.
HUM Sitaray – Watch HUM TV's other entertainment channel Live HUM Sitaray here.
PTV Home – Pakistan’s National Television channel can be viewed Live here.
TV One – Live TV One can be viewed here.

Pakistani Music channels

ARY Musik – ARY Group’s music channel can be watched here.
Vibe TV – Famous for nothing much other than Mathira’s controversial late night show (probably isn’t aired anymore); Live Vibe TV can be viewed here.

Pakistani Sports Channels

With the Cricket World Cup 2015 underway, one has to have multiple options to the view the matches and hence here is a list of Pakistani Sports channels:
PTV Sports – Live PTV Sports stream is available in Pakistan only. To view the Live PTV Sports Stream click here.
Geo Super – To watch Live Geo Super click here.

Pakistan Live Food channels

ARY Zauq – you can view Live ARY Zauq here.
Masala TV – HUM Masala TV can be watched here.
This is a list of around 50 Pakistani channels that can be streamed Live. Enjoy viewing and do share your feedback.

Bookmark this page for quick and easy access to this comprehensive list of Pakistani TV Channels which have live streams online.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Detect Fake/ Counterfeit Currency Notes

Everyone must know how to check the fake currency notes in Pakistan. Recently, the State Bank of Pakistan gave a statement about the existence of fake currency notes in the market. According to them some anti-state elements are involved in this illegal practice to harm the national economy. Pakistani currency notes have world’s best security features including geometrical features, electrotype watermarks, rainbow printing, anti-scan areas, cylinder mold and several other hidden features.

Detection of Fake Currency Notes
Image Source:

Pakistani currency notes have a number of security features. All the original banknotes have various security features that you can check easily and quickly. Below are few easy methods to check that either the bank note is original or fake.

UV Light Detection

Genuine currency notes will not change color when viewed under Ultraviolet Light. This is one of the foremost and quickest ways to detect a counterfeit currency note in a bundle. Pass Black light or UV light over currency notes and if you notice a note that is glowing with a bluish tinge, reject that note. Genuine currency note will not change its color. 

Security thread of Rs.5000 note, on viewing through ultra violet light yellow and blue fluorescent bands may be viewed.

Check Watermark

Watermark image of Quaid-e-Azam is found on front left side of the notes when viewed under light behind it. Denomination of note can also be found written in the watermark. This type of watermark is not printed but created by changing the thickness of the paper.

In fake notes the watermark is created with opaque ink or stamping a die etc which can be easily checked.

Security thread

In genuine currency notes, the security thread is partially embedded in the banknote paper at the front left side of the note. This thread can never be pulled out. The thread appears a continuous dark line at Rs10, Rs.50 and Rs.100 old design notes; the word ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ may be checked in the thread of Rs.500 and Rs.1000. The words ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ along with ‘denomination numeral’ may be checked at the new design banknotes of Rs.10 and Rs.20 whereas this appears as silver dashes at Rs 5000 banknotes.
Counterfeiters either print a dark strip or put a complete strip inside two sheets of paper.

Optical Variable Ink (OVI)

There is a flag with crescent moon and a star at front right side of 500, 1,000 and 5,000 currency notes. This is printed with Optical variable Ink (OVI) and changes color from green to magenta and magenta to green, when the note is viewed from different angles. If the flag doesn’t change color when the note is viewed from different angles, the note is fake.

Intaglio (raised) Printing

The portrait of Quaid-e-Azam and denomination numeral at the obverse is printed in intaglio (raised printing). The tactile lines at the extreme left and right are printed in intaglio. One can easily feel the raised printing by touch at the obverse on each banknote except Rs.10 banknote.

The Quaid’s jacket/sherwani will always leave a trace of roughness no matter how old the note is despite wear and tear, though it does become faint with older notes.

See Through

It comprises of 2 different images, one on the front and the other on the back. Denomination figure of the note in Urdu script appears partly at the obverse left top and partly at reverse right top giving a perfect look when viewed through light.

Counterfeiters imitate this feature quite often by printing in a dark and light shade to produce the impact when the note is viewed placed on a surface. However lifting the note for light to stream through will show no change unlike in the genuine note.

Check the Paper

The paper of Pakistani currency notes is 100% cotton based. The paper will never split in two at the edges like tissue paper does. If you notice that a currency note is splitting at the edges then reject it. 

Anti-scan and Anti-photocopy Lines

The area to the front left side of the note has fine anti-scan and anti-copy lines. These lines can not be scanned or photocopied thus prevent scanning and photo copying of the exact note. These lines magically vanish when the note is photocopied or scanned and then printed. Therefore, if the lines aren’t there you know it’s a fake.

Printing Color

Specialized ink is used for printing, which will never smear/ smudge or wipe even if wet. The ink of counterfeit notes generally smudge when wet.