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Nov 27, 2016

PM Laptop Scheme 2016-2017 Online Registration Started


Phase-3 of Prime Minister's Free Laptop Scheme has been launched.

PM Laptop Scheme Details

Nov 19, 2016

Pakistan Police Officer Ranks, Badges and Grades

Pakistan police officer ranks, badges with grades/ pay scales and all other detail is given here.

Pakistan Police Ranks with Grades

Police Rank
Scale / Grade
BS 05
Head Constable
BS 07
Assistant Sub Inspector
BS 09
Sub Inspector
BS 14
BS 16
Assistant Superintendent of Police /
Deputy Superintendent of Police
BS 17
Superintendent of Police
BS 18
Senior Superintendent of Police /
District Police Officer /
Assistant Inspector General
BS 19
Deputy Inspector General /
Regional Police Officer /
City Police Officer
BS 20
Additional Inspector General
Addl. IG / CCPO
BS 21
Inspector General of Police /
Provincial Police Officer
BS 22

  • SHO, DPO, CPO, RPO and PPO are posts not ranks. So you may see a lower rank acting as a higher post for some time.
  • Station House Officer (SHO) could be either a Sub Inspector or Inspector.
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (D.S.P) and Assistant Superintendent of Police (A.S.P) are of same level, the difference is that DSP is promoted from junior rank and is an experienced Police officer while ASP is a young Police officer who joined the service directly as an officer after passing civil service exam.

Pakistan Police Insignia/ Badges

All provinces of Pakistan have their own police service such as the Punjab Police, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police, Sindh Police, Balochistan Police. Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Police, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police and Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Police works in their territories. 
Each police force has a Commissioner of Police appointed as Inspector-General who are the most senior officers from the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) - a constituent of the Central Superior Services of Pakistan.
There are several other types of law enforcement agencies e.g. Airports Security Force, Anti-Narcotics Force, Federal Investigation Agency, Frontier Constabulary, National Highways and Motorway Police, Pakistan Coast Guard, Pakistan Railways Police, Pakistan Customs, Balochistan Constabulary, Balochistan Levies, Frontier Police, Punjab Prisons, Police Qaumi Razakars, Frontier Corps etc.

Nov 18, 2016

Watch YouTube Videos Offline in Pakistan


youtube-offlineYouTube's offline playback feature is now available in Pakistan. Now a download button is shown below the YouTube video player on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. You can download video by clicking on this button. You can also select video quality before start of download. These downloaded will be available offline only for next 48 hours.
Offline Playback Feature allows the users to watch videos after buffering, even without internet. According to YouTube, not all videos are available for offline.

Nov 17, 2016

Police Rescue and Emergency Helpline Numbers


Police Emergency   15
Rescue   1122
NHMP (National Highways and Motorways) Police   130
Punjab Patrolling Police   1124
Railway Police Helpline   1333
Fire Brigade   16
Edhi Ambulance   115


You must save above numbers in your mobile phone to use in emergency cases. You can dial 15 for Police emergency anywhere in Pakistan. 1122 is a rescue service in Punjab and Sindh. You can call NHMP Police by dialling 130 while travelling on motorways or on national highways. 1124 is helpline number for Punjab Patroling Police which can also be called while travelling on Punjab highways. in many western countries 911 is a emergency and rescue helpline but in Pakistan 15 is used.

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Oct 30, 2016

Ranks, BPS Comparison of Pakistan Army, Navy and PAF

The following is a list of the ranks, insignia (badges) and BPS Pay Scales of the personnel of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force.
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If you want to apply for jobs in Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pak Navy, Click Here 

Commissioned Officers Ranks

Officer rank badges are displayed on the shoulders.


Pakistan Army

Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

Pakistan Navy

BPS Apex
Field Marshal
(5 Star)
(it was only awarded to Field Marshal Ayub Khan)
Marshal of the Air Force
(5 Star)
(never awarded)
Admiral of the Fleet
(5 Star)
(never awarded)
BPS Apex
General (Gen)
(4 Star)
Air Chief Marshal (ACM)
(4 Star)
Admiral (Adm)
(4 Star)
Lieutenant General (Lt Gen)
(3 Star)
Air Marshal (AM)
(3 Star)
Vice Admiral (V Adm)
(3 Star)
Major General (Maj Gen)
(2 Star)
Air Vice Marshal (AVM)
(2 Star)
Rear Admiral (R Adm)
(2 Star)
Brigadier (Brig)
(1 Star)
Air Commodore (Air Cdre)
(1 Star)
Commodore (Cdre)
(1 Star)
Colonel (Col)
Group Captain (Gp Capt)
Captain (Capt)
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col)
Wing Commander (Wg Cdr)
Commander (Cdr)
Major (Maj)
Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr)
Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr)
Captain (Capt)
Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt)
Lieutenant (Lt)
Lieutenant (Lt)
Flying Officer (Flg Off)
Sub Lieutenant (S/Lt)
Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt)
Pilot Officer (Plt Off)

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) Ranks

JCOs also wear ranks on the shoulders of uniform.

Pakistan Army

Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Navy

Subedar Major
Chief Warrant Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Officer
Fleet Chief Petty Officer
Naib Subedar
Assistant Warrant Officer
Chief Petty Officer

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) Ranks

The Non Commissioned Officers rank badges are displayed on arm sleeves.

Pakistan Army

Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Navy

Battalion Havildar Major
Chief Technician
Petty Officer
Battalion Quartermaster Havildar
Senior Technician

Company Havildar Major
Corporal Technician
Leading Rate
Company Quartermaster Havildar
Junior Technician

Senior Aircraftman
Able Seaman
Lance Havildar
Leading Aircraftman

Naik (Nk)

Lance Naik
Ordinary Rate

All the information given here collected from different online resources including official websites of these three forces. However if anybody found any error or omission in this post, please write it in comments.

Oct 29, 2016

All Information for Issuance of Computerized Number Plates for Old and New Vehicles

Issuance of computerized number plates have been started in Punjab for old vehicles (cars, bikes and commercial vehicles etc). If computerized number plate for your car or motor bike has not yet been issued, you can get it just by paying the fee at the office of Motor Registering Authority. If your number plate has been broken or lost, you can also get issued a duplicate number plate by paying the fee. Price of computerized number plate for car and commercial vehicle is Rs.1200 while for ricksha and motor bike is Rs.750.

Computerized number plates will be delivered at your home address through TCS Courier Service. If you have deposited the fee, you can get status of your number plate by sending your vehicle number, CNIC number, name and address to 9989.

Use printout of following form to apply for issuance of number plate. Visit nearest Motor Registering Authority Office with duly filled application form, original file, registration book, token tax certificate etc.

Click on the following images to see enlarged.

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