Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bigg Boss 8 Contestants

Bigg Boss is a series of Indian Reality Show presented by Colors TV Channel in India and ARY Digital in Pakistan. Bigg Boss 8 is the eighth season of this show which will be aired by Colors TV from 21 September while after 1 or 2 weeks of it, ARY Digital will also telecast it for Pakistani viewers. Though this is an Indian show but also have huge viewership in Pakistan. Salman Khan will remain the host for fifth time continuously.


Following celebrities are participated in Bigg Boss Season 8 as contestants.

Occupation and Claim to Fame
Sonali Raut
Model and film Actress
Karishma Tanna
Model and Actress
Upen Patel
Model and film Actor
Soni Singh
TV Actress
Arya Babbar
Bollywood and Punjabi film actor
Diandra Soares
Model, anchor and fashion designer
Sushant Digvikar
Model, TV Anchor and Pageant contestant
Gautam Gulati
TV and film Actor
Sukirti Kandpal
Model and TV Actress
Praneet Bhatt
Actor and Director
Natasa Stankovic
Model and Bollywood Actress
Minissha Lamba
Bollywood Actress

There was rumors that a Pakistani cricketer is going to participate in the reality show which did not happen. It is worth mentioning that two Pakistani actors; Veena Malik and Ali Saleem (Begum Nawazish Ali), have been in the Bigg Boss season 4.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Participate in World's Largest Online Photo Competition in Pakistan

Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) is holding an online photography competition in September 2014 to promote cultural heritage of Pakistan. Wiki Loves Monuments Pakistan is a part of the international annual photographic competition Wiki Loves Monuments, which is world’s biggest photography competition according to the Guinness World Records. "Wiki Loves Monuments" is sponsored by Wikimedia Organization, which runs and owns Wikipedia. 

Aim of the photo competition is to highlight and promote the cultural heritage sites of the participating
countries including Pakistan with the goal to encourage people to capture pictures of historically and culturally significant sites.

Wiki Loves Monuments is annually taking place every September since 2010. This is the first time Pakistan is participating in international photos competition. Please participate. The world is waiting to see what cultural heritage of Pakistan mean to you!

Pakistan’s cultural heritage is rich and diverse covering thousands of years of its history. All archaeological sites, monuments, buildings, shrines, places of worship and tombs in Pakistan, listed on Wikipedia’s page, are eligible for the competition.

Wiki Loves Monuments has nominated local organizing committee and jury board for Pakistani Photographer Contestants.

Competition Schedule

Participants can upload photos during the whole month of September, 2014.
In October, judges will begin evaluating the photographs and award prizes for the best photos in Pakistan and globally.
Prizes will be presented to the winners at the awards ceremony which will take place in November

How to Participate in Photography Competition in Pakistan

Anyone can participate in the competition by registering a free account on Wikipedia. 
  • Create an account at Wikipedia by visiting this page.
  • Choose the sites to photograph. You can use lists of cultural heritage sites in Pakistan onWikipedia to find subjects to photograph. The region-wise pages enlist the names and locations of sites. Photos must be of an eligible listed site. All other photos will be disqualified.
  • Take photographs of the sites. You can take multiple photos of the same site; interior and exterior shots, specific architectural details, different times of day, different angles. You are also welcome to submit photos you may have taken in the past.
  • Upload the photos.  Visit lists of cultural heritage sites in Pakistan on Wikipedia and click the upload photo icon in front of the concerned site on lists and follow the instructions in the upload wizard. There is no limit to how many photos you can enter. We would advise however, that you be selective and only upload your best shots! Upload the photos before the final deadline of 24:00 PST on 30th September, 2014.

Awards and Prizes for Photography Competition Winners 

The competition will have two rounds of prizes and awards; Pakistani Awards and International Awards. Followings are prizes for best photographs in Pakistan. 
  • First position: Rs 20,000 
  • Second position: Rs 15,000 
  • Third position: Rs 10,000 
  • Fourth and fifth position: Rs 5,000 each 
  • The top 10 photographs will also win many non-cash gifts.
  • Best 50 photographs including top ten winning entries will be later featured in exhibitions as well. 
The Pakistani jury will nominate three best and the seven highly recommended photos for the international contest, which has its own jury and awards. Last year the international winner won travel scholarship (had a maximum value of $3,000) to attend the Wikimania in London.

Friday, September 5, 2014

How to use Payoneer Debit Card at ATM Machines in Pakistan?

You can easily withdraw cash from your Payoneer Debit card at any ATM machine. This card works just like any other ATM or Debit Card. I am using Payoneer Card from last 04 years for online shopping and payments. I got this card through Infolinks. You can also get your own Free Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card with 25$ bonus at the time of first money load.

Until few days ago, I was using this card for online shopping only and never withdraw money at ATM Machine. Last week I decided to get cash from my Payoneer account by using ATM Machine to experience process, currency conversion rate and fees applied by either Payoneer or Master Card or local bank. I went to a MCB ATM Machine and successfully withdrawn money without any hassle.

How to Withdraw Money from Payoneer Card at ATM Machine?

The Payoneer card can be used at ATMs where MasterCard®/Visa is accepted. Your Payoneer card is prepaid debit card.  Sufficient funds must be available prior to making cash withdrawal. Never try to withdraw money more than available funds; otherwise your ATM card may be kept/ seized by ATM. 

Here is a simple step by step procedure to use your Payoneer Card to withdraw cash from ATM Machine in Pakistan.
  1. Visit any nearby ATM Machine.
  2. Insert your card in ATM card slot, your name will be shown on screen.
  3. Enter your 04 digit code using ATM keypad, this code was created at the time of card activation.
  4. Enter amount in Pak Rupees in multiples of Rs.500 e.g. 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 4500, 5000, 6500 etc. and press "Accept" button.
  5. In next step you will be asked for "Account Type", enter Current, Checking, Default or Debit Card whichever is available.
  6. Take your card, money and receipt. 

Fees and Charges for ATM Cash Withdrawal

  • Never check your balance unnecessarily at ATMs because each time you check balance, 0.90$ will be deducted.
  • $0.90 will also be applied as ATM decline fee, if your Payoneer account has less money than you are trying to withdraw. 
  • $2.15 per transaction, plus 3% above all fees assessed by MasterCard, will be charged.
  • MCB Bank also charges Rs. 100 as Bank Fee in addition to all other fees.
I withdran Rs. 4500 and amount deducted from my Payoneer account was $50.87 when inter bank dollar rate was about 99.5 rupees. So total fees/ charges was about Rs. 500.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to get Free Payoneer Master Debit Card in Pakistan?

Payoneer is an internet based service that issues prepaid Master Debit Cards to its users. Payoneer is alternate to PayPal and Wire Transfer Services. Unlike PayPal this service is available in Pakistan too. So Pakistanis who have not regular Credit Cards and are  in search of an alternate way to send and receive money worldwide, they can get a free Payoneer Master Debit Card. 

Mastercard issues Payoneer Cards and can be used at any ATM or POS (Point of Sale). Any Payoneer Card holder can receive money and send payments to anyone around the world online. This prepaid debit card can be used for online shopping, payments to Facebook and AdWords etc. You can simply withdraw money from PayPal, Skrill and many other online financial services.

How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card

I got my first Payoneer Card back in June 2011 and got a new card this year after expiry of previous card.

You can easily get a Payoneer Master Debit Card without any checking account in a Bank or any Bank Statement. Here is step by step procedure to apply:

1. Signup now with my referral link and we both get US$25 as bonus, once you load or receive any amount. Check it out

2. Fill out the form with your Name, Email, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number etc.

3. Click "FINISH" button after reading terms and conditions.

4. You will get confirmation email instantly. And you will receive Debit Card in 3 to 4 weeks.

5. After getting your card, you have to activate it. Visit for activation. You will be asked to fill your card's number, expiry date etc.

Once activated, you can start receiving and sending amount.

How to Load Money in Your Payoneer Card from Pakistan?

4 years ago I needed a credit card for online payment to Facebook and Google AdWords for advertisement of website, and I also want to avoid regular Credit Cards issued by local banks due to interest/ markup involved with these. I got UBL Wiz Card which is also a free prepaid debit card. It works well for payments to online local shopping and on ATMs but I faced problem for payments to some international companies. Then I came to know about Payoneer and got my card.

Now I found that loading money to Payoneer Card with UBL Wiz Card is very simple. So whenever I want money in my Payoneer Card, I load money to my Wiz Card by visiting any UBL Bank Branch and then transfer this amount to Payoneer Card from where I can use it anywhere online.

If you have any questions regarding this post, you can ask me in comments.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pakistani Girls in London - An Eye Opening Video Documentary

What is happening with Pakistani student girls in London? What are problems of our Pakistani girls who went to UK for education? How miserably they are living and fulfilling their expanses requirements. UK Government allows limited work hours for students. This is an eye opening video documentary by famous TV Anchor Syed Talat Hussain. There are too much expenses for living just average life standard. Girls have not home or any shelter  to live in, so there are examples where girls are helpless to share rooms with strangers.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Top-20 Must Have Android Apps for Pakistan

There are millions of apps available on Google Play Store. Many apps are famous worldwide but people of every country have their specific needs of applications. I am also using Android Phone since last two years and have searched and tried many Pakistan oriented applications; some were average, some were good and some were just waste of time and memory. I personally found following android applications very useful and helpful for Pakistanis.
Android Apps in Pakistan
Screenshot captured from my HTC Sensation XE

Here is a list of Top-20 Free Android Apps for Pakistanis.

1. ATM Locator Pakistan

It helps you find Banks and ATMs around you and anywhere in Pakistan. It also provides their contact details and distance with driving directions.  It uses GPS to get your location and internet to search ATMs and Banks. You can search any Bank or ATM in any city of Pakistan just by entering its name or branch code. Its size is just 806kb so it doesn't become heavy to your phone memory.

2. Fuel Finder

This app works same like ATM Locator, actually from the same developer. It helps to find Petrol/ Diesel Pumps and CNG Stations around you using Location of your mobile phone and internet. You can search any filling station in the country by its name, city name or company name. It also provides contact details and driving directions to the selected station. Its size is just 324kb.

3. English Urdu Dictionary

100% Free Offline English to Urdu dictionary. It has embedded Urdu font, so you will see words in Urdu alphabets instead of roman words.

4. Qibla Finder

This tiny size app (just 92k) simply shows direction of Qibla. Just open this app and place your mobile on a flat horizontal surface, it will show you Qibla direction with a big arrow.

5. Pakistan Prayer Time

This app shows updated prayer timing of more than 300 cities of Pakistan. Put daily alarms as prayer reminder. 22 Azans to choose from. Its size is 37MB.

6. Ramadan Time

It allow users to select their city from a list of 50,000 cities from 200 countries. It has Ramadan Calendar with Sehri and Iftari timings of all these cities. It also shows prayer timing. Its size is 14MB.

7. Holy Quran (Audio)

This app has MP3 audio Quran by 10 most popular reciters. Just select reciter and Surah to listen. Its size is 889k but will increase when audios will be downloaded while listening.

8. Quran-e-Majeed (Arabic with Urdu and English Translation)

Read Holy Quran in Arabic with translation in Urdu and English. Easy to select Surah and Parah. You can also download audios to listen. Its size is 3.2MB.

9. Pakistan SIM Checker

This application checks the number of SIMs issued to any Pakistani CNIC holder in few seconds. Its size is just 622k.

10. Pakistan TV World

Watch Pakistani TV channels and on your phone in just one click. All channels are working and are fast. Channels are categorized in groups as News, Entertainment, Music, Sports and Religion.
TV channels list includes Samaa, ARY, Express, PTV, Dunya, Aaj, Waqt, Such, Royal, Dawn, News One, Capital,  Metro One, Abb Tak, Geo, BBC, Geo Tez, ORA News, Rrokum, Jaag, Venus, AlJazeera, City 21, City 42, Awaz TV, Khyber, Sindh, VSH, Dhoom, B Plus, Health TV, Channel 5, CNN, National Geographic, Urdu 1, Hum, Express Entertainment, ATV, APlus, POGO, Geo Kahani, Masala, ARY Zindagi, Zaiqa, Apna, Nick, PTV Sports, Geo Super, Peace TV, QTV, Madni, Ahsan TV, Hadi TV, Minhaj TV and many other.
Size of this application is 11MB.

11. Pakistan TV

Pak TV Live Pakistan TV channels offer on the Android Mobiles and Tablets. It just requires a good internet connection, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G 4G mobile networks. Watch Dunya News, Samaa News, ARY News, PTV Home, PTV Sports, PTV World, Dawn News, Aaj News, Madni Channel, Peace TV, Islam TV, HUM TV and many more in one app. Its size is 5.8MB.

12. Urdu News Pakistan

This app list more than 100 local and national Urdu Newspapers in Pakistan. List of Urdu News Papers includes Daily Jang, Nawa-e-Waqt, Khabrain, Daily Express, Qaumi Akhbar, Daily Ummat, Daily Sharq, Daily Muqadma, Daily Waqt, Aaj Kal, Daily Sahafat, Daily Ausaf, Daily Mashriq, Daily Azkaar, Daily Asas, Daily Insaf, Jasarat, Daily Islam, Daily Aaj, Daily Aap, Naya Akhbar, Al Akhbar, Daily Jurrat, Weekly Jurrat, Daily Amn - Karachi, Daily Aman, Daily Aman, Nawa e Islam, Daily Khabria, Daily Aitadal, Daily Saltnat, Press Conference, Daily Tafteesh, Daily Tawar, Daily K2, Daily Dunya, Daily Awam, Azadi Sawat, Zama Sawat, Daily Intekhab, Daily Chand, Daily Chaita, Hazara News, Chitral Times, Weekly Manzar, Sahara - Karachi, Bad e Shimal, Daily Qadamat, Lahore Post, Daily Agah, Daily Abtak, Daily Universal, Daily Tijarat, Al Qalam, Weekly Nizam, Daily Jinnah, Hamara Aj, Koh e Toor, Islamabad Times, Daily Mahasib, Al Eesar, Daily Abhaam, Daily Sarkar, Aaina Inqalab, Daily Beopar, Daily Justice, Sahara - Lahore, Gawadar Times, Awaz Online, Daily Taqat, Daily Pakistan, Mad e Muqabil, Azadi Quetta, Rawal News, News Mart, Khulli Khabar, Bolta Pakistan, Sada e Haq, Democrat Pak, Daily Dharti, Gilgit Baltistan, Ujagar Dunya, Mohtasib Times, Mianwali Express, Daily Salam, City Press, Daily Sama, Sach Kaho, Lohoo Qalam, Thall Times, Daily Musafat, Paigham e Ukhuwat, Iqra News, Daily Khabarkar, Daily Eemaan, Qiyadat, Qoumi Numaindgi, Afkar e Jahan, Daily Mussalman, Masafat, Dunya News, Daily Media, Nai Baat, Chashm e Watan, Daily Adl, Daily Kashmir etc. Size of this app is 1.9KB.

13. Pakistan Airports

Getting flight status has become easily accessible with this app.  Currently it supports Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore airports. You can get Flight information for all departing and arriving, domestic and international flights. Its size is 1.5MB.

14. Traffic Signs Pakistan

Traffic Signs Pakistan application is for learners and drivers of cars and motor cycles. All Traffic Sings are described in Urdu with all necessary instructions available in Urdu language provided by City Traffic Police and Licensing Authorities.

It consist Road Signs, Police Signals, Licensing Centers, Sample driving tests guide, Helpline and Emergency Numbers, Instructions for LTV, HTV Licenses and Guide how to pass the driving test.

15. Pakistan Postal Codes

Search Postal Codes/ Zip Code of Pakistani cities by city name or find name of city by postal code. Its size is 1.5MB.

16. Word Lens

Although this app is not developed only for Pakistanis but it can be very much helpful for those people who goes to European countries or Overseas Pakistanis. It works like magic, it can read text from sign boards or anywhere else and translate in English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. Its size is 41MB and works offline. Just open this application and focus your camera on the text which you want to translate and you will see words in your selected language instead of written language in real time.

17. OLX Free Classifieds

Download the best free classified app on your smartphone. Buy and sell everything you want with OLX Classifieds Android App.

18. Zong Customer Care

ZONG Customer Care App is an easy to use application through which you will always be connected to Zong. You can activate/de-activate packages on your number, call and SMS history, check your current balance, manage your account, get information and know about Zong latest promotions, Support and much more…. Its size is 1.8MB.

19. Ufone Care

It allows Ufone Post-paid and Pre-paid customers to perform different activities and use different services from a single application; check balance and billing etc.Its a 4.4MB application.

20. My Mobilink

It is Mobilink’s official app provided to its customers allowing them to access all information about their mobile number; calling and balance charging history , package information, Help and Support. It can also be used to locate Mobilink Service Centers, Mobicash Centers and Mobile Selling Points. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nishan-e-Haider Holders List and Pictures with Names in Urdu

Nishan-e-Haider is the Highest Military Award of Pakistan. Nishan-e-Haider means “Emblem of Haider”, where Haider is the epithet of Hazrat Ali and means Lion. Nishan-e-Haider was established on 16 March 1957; however it was applied from the date of Pakistan's independence on 14 August 1947.

Nishan-e-Haider is made of gun metal, captured from the enemy in the previous wars, with a green ribbon and a star with five points is awarded to soldiers who show great bravery and courage in war or on active duty. All recipients of "Nishan-e-Haider' gave away the most valuable thing they had - their lives – in serving the nation and in defending the frontiers of Pakistan. 

Some Facts about Nishan-e-Haider

  1. It is named after the name of Hazrat Ali (R.A), fourth caliph of Islam.
  2. Gun metal used for its manufacturing, is captured from the enemy in the previous wars.
  3. It is only awarded to personnel of Armed Forces of Pakistan, without any discrimination of rank.
  4. So far total 10 Nishan-e-Haider awards have been awarded, to 7 officers and 3 soldiers.
  5. Nine Nishan-e-Haider recipients have been from Pakistan Army and one from Pakistan Air Force.
  6. All the 10 recipients got this award for fighting against India.
  7. One Nishan-e-Haider was awarded for the 1948 war, one for 1958, one for 1965, five for 1971 and two for 1999 Kargil War.
  8. Nishan-e-Haider is can only be awarded posthumously (awarded only to those armed forces personnel who have lost their lives, fighting with the enemy or performing their duty).
  9. Hilal-e-Kashmir (posthumous) is declared as equivalent to Nishan-e-Haider by Government of Pakistan.

Here is a brief account of these men, who would be remembered for their feats of courage, bravery and selflessness.

1. Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed

Punjab Regiment
Date of Shahadat : 27th July 1948

2. Major Tufail Mohammad Shaheed

Punjab Regiment
Date of Shahadat : 7th August 1958

3. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed

Punjab Regiment
Date of Shahadat : 10th September 1965

4. Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed

Pakistan Air Force
Date of Shahadat : 20th August 1971

5. Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed

Frontier Force Regiment
Date of Shahadat : 6th December 1971

6. Sowar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed

Armoured Corps
Date of Shahadat : 10th December 1971

7. Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed

Frontier Force Regiment
Date of Shahadat : 15th December 1971

8. Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed

Punjab Regiment
Date of Shahadat : 17th December 1971

9. Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed

Sind Regiment
Date of Shahadat : 7th July 1999

10. Havildar Lalak Jan Shaheed

Northern Light Infantry
Date of Shahadat : 7th July 1999

Naik Saif Ali Janjua

Azad Kashmir Regiment 
Date of Shahadat : 26th October 1948
He was awarded Hilal-e-Kashmir - an equivalent to Nishan-i-Haider.


On 14 March 1949, the Defence Council of Azad Jammu and Kashmir adorned Naik Saif Ali Janjua Shaheed with Hilal-e-Kashmir (posthumous) and on 30 November 1995, the Government of Pakistan initiated the gazette notification to declare Hilal-e-Kashmir equivalent to Nishan-e-Haider.

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