Oct 23, 2018

Excessive Use of Mobiles and Computers by Children and its Solution

Children do love playing video games and watching cartoons - but should they do so? It is important to note that not all games and cartoons are suitable for children. But if you want to allow your kids to watch cartoons and play video games, you should handpick these. Be careful because violent media content causes aggression in children.
Children spend more time on mobiles and computers everyday than they spend their time in physical games every week. A lot of parents are in search of a solution for the issue of excessive use of mobile phones and computers by their children.

Oct 22, 2018

Free e-Rozgaar Training Program - Details

e-Rozgaar Training Program Details

e-Rozgaar Training Program is an initiative by the Punjab Information Technology Board and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. 3.5 months (about 14 weeks) free training by highly qualified trainers will be provided to selected candidates. 

Trainees can work during and after completion of the training, and may earn handsome earnings. It is hoped so because successful candidates of previous batches are already earning by doing online work. However no stipend or TA/ DA is admissible. 

Oct 21, 2018

Kafir Kot - Ancient Hindu Temples and Forts in DI Khan

At the cliffs of mountains near Indus River in DI Khan district, there are ruins of ancient Hindu Temples and a fort named as Kafir Kot. The fort has crumbled over time but the temple still stands. These ruins are a sign of the existence of a Hindu civilization. It looks like a residential fort, which means that an entire city was once residing here. Theses temples are beautifully carved, and constructed in a cone shape. 

It is believed that these forts were built by Raja Bil about many centuries ago and was destroyed by Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi in the 11th century. 

Sculptures and architectural components from the site have been dispersed in the various museums of the world including British Museums. 

Oct 20, 2018

List of Optional Holidays in Pakistan

Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan always provide and protect basic rights to all minorities. A few important Islamic days are also regarded as optional holidays for Muslims too. 

A limited number of optional holidays are granted to workers. Government employees may be granted one optional holiday in case of Muslims; and three optional holidays in case of Non-Muslims in a calendar year.

List of Gazetted/ Public Holidays in Pakistan

Public holidays in Pakistan are observed on days of national and Islamic importance. as per the Islamic calendar for religious purposes and the Gregorian calendar for civil purposes. Some holidays are celebrated as festivals while some others are of either national or religious importance. Families's get to gathers are arranged, and people visit to parks, museums, forts, historical places etc.
Government also offers optional holidays for minorities; and also on some important Islamic dates on which public holiday is not announced.

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