Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Pakistan!

Now when you think of Pakistan, you might think of terrorists and that's unfortunate because Pakistan is a country of the peaceful and hospitable nation. More and more people are visiting Pakistan every day and here are 10 reasons why.

#10 Affordability

Pakistan is extremely affordable. The local food, the hotels, the transportation and anything wants by is extremely cheap but even if you want to buy it, you probably won't be allowed. For example sometimes when foreigners goes to get local food with their local friends, their local friends refused to let them pay and even sometimes the guy selling the food refuse to let you pay and he just wanted to give you the food for free, you being a tourist and foreigner. So from the time, you arrived in Pakistan until when you left you will have to spend very less money as compared to any other country.


#9 Pakistan is a Beautiful Gorgeous Country

Pakistan is full of natural sceneries. You can see a diverse nature of the climate in different areas of the country at the same time of the year. There are high mountains, beaches, forests, historical buildings, markets, handicrafts, lakes, rivers, streams and a lot of other tourists attractions.


#8 English is Well Spoken so it’s Easy to Travel and Gets along with the Country

As the English language is easily understandable and many Pakistanis can not only understand but also can speak English fluently so it is not necessary to have an Interpreter.


#7 Local Markets

Every city in Pakistan has local markets. In the US in the evening there's often not a lot to do. People just sit at home and watch TV but in Pakistan, you always have something to do because you can go and explore the local market which is basically like a festivity every single night.


 #6 Not Many Tourists

Because there are not many tourists as compared to other international tourist destinations when you go to sites sometimes there will be only a few tourists there. So you can enjoy yourself a lot freely and leisurely.


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#5 Famous Sites

Famous sites like the Lahore Fort, Wahga Border, Multan Shrines there are famous sites throughout the entire country. Murree, Naran Kaghan, Swat, Gilgit are beautiful hill stations.

#4 People are so Friendly

Pakistani people are so friendly, hospitable, and helping. Random strangers people on the street are incredibly friendly and nice and always so helpful. So many countries out there when you visit them they know you're a foreigner and they try to upsell you they try to rip you off they try to scam you in some way but that never happened ever in Pakistan. Pakistani people are so nice and absolutely incredible.

#3 Food

Pakistani food is incredible. Just walk down a random street and get so many different options of the amazing food you don't get that everywhere else in the world. You will think that everybody is selling something different something unique. Biryani, Pulao, Quorma, Karahi, Kheer, Tikkay, Gol Gappay, Dahi Bhalla, Samosay and a lot of other foods are available in every city of Pakistan.


#2 Have an Adventure

Traveling through Pakistan you're going to have some friendly adventures. Traveling through Pakistan you're always going to have wonderful friendly adventures because the people are so friendly and it's just cool to travel throughout Pakistan.


#1 Break Stereotypes

People have misconceptions about Pakistan. We should break the stereotypes and reveal the truth that the truth Pakistan is an incredible place with such friendly and amazing people and it's one of those places you just have to go there to experience it. Your entire concept of Pakistan will change if you visit Pakistan.

So here's the crazy thing if you actually use facts and data you'll realize that according to statistics, Many other countries are significantly more dangerous than Pakistan and here even crazier is a place like the US Virgin Islands, which gets thousands of tours all the time, is a very dangerous place in the world way more dangerous than Pakistan yet nobody's afraid to go to the US Virgin Islands.

Many foreigners own restaurants, hotels, businesses and shops in Pakistan and they are doing their business with full peace of mind. Tourists are also visiting various places throughout Pakistan safely. Pakistan is a very beautiful and peaceful country, and more and more tourists should visit Pakistan.


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