Interesting Facts about Prime Ministers, Presidents and Governor Generals of Pakistan

In my previous post, I have shown tenure of different Prime Ministers, Presidents, and Governor Generals of Pakistan via images and infographics. Today I will state some very interesting points about the rulers of Pakistan.

Longest-Serving Ruler of Pakistan

Ayub Khan was the longest-serving ruler of Pakistan. He was the ruler of Pakistan for 10 years and about 5 months.

Shortest-Serving Ruler of Pakistan

Nur-ul-Amin was the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He remained in the PM office for a mere 13 days. Nest in the list is Ch. Shujaat Hussain (PM for 57 days) while 3rd last is Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar (PM for 60 days).

Longest Serving Prime Minister of Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif is the only person who was elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan three times and he is also the longest-serving PM of Pakistan collectively. His total tenure of three times makes about 09 years and about six months.

Benazir is the only Female Ruler (Prime Minister) of Pakistan

To date, Benazir Bhutto is the only female ruler of Pakistan. No other female could ever become Prime Minister, President, or Governor-General of Pakistan. 

Change of Offices 

Khawaja Nazimuddin became 2nd Governor-General of Pakistan after the death of Quaid-e-Azam in 1948. And then after the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan, he became the 2nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1951.
Iskander Mirza was the 4th Governor-General of Pakistan and then after few months he became Prime Minister of Pakistan when President became Head of the State and the seat of Governor-General demolished in 1956.
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became Prime Minister in 1971 and then he was elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1973.


August is the lucky month, as the most numbers of rulers (09) took their offices in August.

May and July

May and July are the two months when nobody took their offices in the past history of Pakistan.

January and February

January and February are the two months when nobody left the office.

Last Five Months

Most of the Prime Ministers and Presidents of Pakistan (more than 71 percent) came into power in the last five months (August~December). Likewise, most of the Prime Ministers and Presidents of Pakistan (more than 63 percent) left their offices in the last five months (August~December).

Abovementioned are the some facts which I found interesting in the given data. If you found anything else interesting in it, please mention it in the comments below.


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