How to Pay Online Token Tax, Vehicle Registration and Transfer Fee?

Finance Ministry of Punjab has launched 'ePay Punjab' app, an online channel for payment various provincial taxes including Token Tax, Motor Vehicle Registration, Motor Vehicle Transfer fee etc. This facility has been started with the coordination of the Finance Department of Punjab, PITB, SBP, 1-Link and all scheduled banks. 

e-Pay is the first-ever government payment gateway for the citizens of Punjab to pay their taxes digitally. It is one of the best work done by the Punjab IT Board. It will resolve the issue of many people who are mostly busy and can't spare time to visit GPO to pay token tax. With the help of this mobile application, one can easily pay token tax etc. online. ePay Punjab will simplify the tax payment that indigenously involved physical visits to the collection offices across the province for tax payments, and instigated bribery and corruption. Furthermore, It will ensure transparency, uniformity and hassle-free experience. 

How to Pay Taxes Online

1. To pay the tax dues, you can access e-Pay application (ePay for Android / ePay for iPhone) or website
2. Sign up in 'ePay Punjab' and fill out your personal information. 
3. Select your desired service to generate a 17-digit unique PSID number. 
4. This PSID number can be used by the citizens to pay the tax dues on any of the following three payment channels:
  • Internet Banking
  • ATM
  • OTC (Over the Counter) bank transaction
For example, I paid the token tax of my car through UBL Mobile app. I selected "Payments tab" then "Government and Online Payments" and "ePay Punjab" and in the last I selected "Token Tax for Vehicle" where I entered PSID (copied from ePay app) and it's done. My token tax paid, I got a confirmation message and the same was updated on MTMIS record.

List of Taxes Payable Online

Following taxes can be paid via ePay.
  • Token Tax for Vehicle: Annual tax paid by owners of motor vehicles.
  • Motor Vehicle Registration: One-time fee paid by the buyer of a new vehicle at the time of purchase.
  • Vehicle Transfer: Fee paid at the time of transfer of the vehicle to a new owner.

  • Property Tax: Annual tax paid by property owners in urban areas.
  • e-Stamping: Payment of stamp duties on judicial, non-judicial, CVT, registration and comparison fee.
  • Mutation Fee: Fee paid by the buyer at the time of transfer of property to a new owner.
  • Fard Fee: Fee paid by the owner of the property for the issuance of the property ownership document.

  • Professional Tax: Taxes paid by the working professional on his profession on an annual basis.
  • Cotton Fee: Fee paid on raw cotton brought to the ginning factory.
  • Business Registration Fee: Fee paid by the owner to register his business.
  • Services Sales Tax

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