How to get Land Fard Online?

What is Fard Malkiat in Land Records and Property

Fard is a document issued by the Patwari or Revenue Officer which depicts area, location and owners of the land. It is a proof that you own the property. It is a very important document which is required for the sale, mutation and transfer of rights.

How to get Fard Malkiat from Arazi Record Center

Traditionally, when someone wanted to get fard of his land, he had to visit relevant patwarkhana where a Patwari issued the fard malkiat after checking and examining records.
After the introduction of Computerized Arazi Record Centers (LRMIS), It became very convenient for the people of Punjab province to get a fard. They just visit their local Arazi Record Center, which are generally situated in district headquarters, to get this document. Every right holder can easily obtain fard-e-malkiat from the respective Arazi Record Center after paying the nominal fee. 

  • Simply, go to the Arazi Record Center.
  • Upon presenting your CNIC, the service center staff will search LRMIS record by name, father/husband name, khewat number.
  • The staff will take the photo and the thumb impression through a biometric device.
  • The applicant will pay the specified fee.
  • The right holder will get a copy of their record within 10-15 minutes.

How to get Land Fard Online in Punjab Pakistan?

Now the Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) and LRMIS team have gone one step forward in facilitating the public by offering online fard. To set aside "Patwari Culture", PLRA has decided to issue land fard online.
People are very curious to know about this service and they are searching for "e fard for land" and "Zameen ki Fard Online" etc. 
So here we are going to briefly describe how you can get land fard online.
  1. Visit
  2. Select Urdu or English language.
  3. Select identity type (CNIC, NICOP, POC or Passport) and enter the number.
  4. The system will search rightholders and display selection.
  5. Pay fee.
  6. And you will get fard online.
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This service of online fard is available in Punjab only. When other provinces; Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, GB starts offering this service, we will let our readers know.


  1. I wanted to print online Fard...but it says...CNIC is not in land what to do next?

    میں آن لائن فرڈ پرنٹ کرنا چاہتا تھا لیکن یہ کہتا ہے کہ سی این آئی سی لینڈ ریکارڈ میں نہیں ہے اس لیے آگے کیا کریں؟

  2. You will have to first register an account with your CNIC, mobile and email address on same website and then you can search using the same website

  3. It's not working..I registered but it showing error till now for login

  4. My user name forgot
    Recovery ka process please

    1. Apka register ksy hua apko sim pe code recive ho jata ha kya

  5. کیا ایبٹ آباد کی زمین کا فرض مل سکتا ھے

  6. Sir jab me register krta hoo to code meri sim pe receive ni hor ra iska koi hal btayein

    1. app ki sim converted hai is liye nahi ho raha , Converted sims pr sms nahi ata gov. k idaron se

  7. Salaam. I put all my info in but it says, koi record dekh ney kaliye nahi hai.

  8. AnonymousMay 10, 2022

    M yousaf

  9. AnonymousMay 26, 2022

    ہری پور میں کی زمین کا ریکارڈ مل سکتا ہے

  10. AnonymousJuly 20, 2022

    Sagein ki zameen kaa recod

  11. Seems a load of codswhallop, you can't search the record even after registering it. Steer well clear of property in Pakistan as no laws exist to protect you, and there does not seem to be any one form of proof of ownership, its a disaster, total scam centre of the world.

  12. فرد براۓ بجلی کنکشن کیسے نکلے گی۔ یہاں تو صرف ذاتی ریکارڈ کے لۓ نکلتی ہے۔ اسکا کیا طریقہ کار ہے

  13. Aslam e Qum Thank you very much for learning

  14. Do you need a power of attorney to get a fardh record for someone abroad?

  15. Previously 7-8 years back i got fard by visiting Patwar khana ferozewalla dist sheikhupura. Will it be avaiklable on line or have to visit to patwari office. On entering the ID its giving message not registeted ID.

  16. AnonymousJune 14, 2023

    Buner khyber pukhtoonkhwa ka record CNiC k zareay kaisay nikalwain?

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