Precautions for Monsoon Rainy Season

Monsoon season is ahead which is usually starts in July and ends in August. Heavy rainfalls in the rainy season. Cloudy sky and rains are a great pleasure for many people after scorching heat of summer. But Monsoon also brings diseases and many other associated problems in the flood-affected areas and the areas where there water form pond due to having poor or no proper drainage system. Breeding of mosquitoes starts in stagnated water. Many people get sick in this season while many others affected due to floods which ruin their crops and demolish their homes and shelter and loss of cattle also common in flood-affected regions where cattle get flooded away.


Here are some most important precautions for Monsoon rainy season and for the flood-affected area.

  1. Avoid housing in rugged and sliced houses before raining or repair them properly.
  2. Also, avoid housing in under-construction buildings.
  3. Make sure to clean the roof, repair, and drainage.
  4. Don't fall in rivers and rainy streams for bathe etc.
  5. Do not throw garbage in rainwater drains and sewage systems.
  6. Avoid touching wet electric equipment in the rain and touching wires laid on the ground.
  7. Move valuables to safe places from the underground floors of secluded areas in the suburbs.
  8. Take care for viral immune diseases.
  9. Be aware of weather conditions۔
  10. Keep the kids away from electrical wires and poles.
  11. Prefer filtered or boiled water as drinking clean water is essential in order to prevent water-borne diseases.
  12. Avoid raw, uncooked and street foods.
  13. Don't enter an air-conditioned room with wet hair and damp clothes.
  14. Stay away from waterlogged areas.
  15. Avoid accumulating water near your house as it is breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects.
  16. Wash your hands before eating food and even when you return home from outside.


Provincial Disaster Management Authority is a department of Government of Punjab. It has published some very useful precautionary tips for the rainy season in newspapers for public awareness. In case of any emergency in Punjab, you may call to PDMA at 1129 helpline number.

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