Sialkot District Government launched 06 Mobile Apps for Public Friendly E-Governance

As an initiative to bring public friendly e-Governance, District Government of Sialkot has launched six mobile apps and a toll-free helpline. The main purpose of these services is to provide hassle-free services to the citizens at their doorsteps.
These apps include:

Qeemat Sialkot Mobile App

You will get information regarding daily updated price lists of fruits and vegetables while monthly updated lists of other groceries. These rates are notified by Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot. You can also complain if you found a shopkeeper or vendor selling items overpriced. Price Control Magistrate will take action and send the report to the complainant accordingly.

Saaf Suthra Sialkot

Now People of Sialkot can add complain about garbage and waste. You can also take pictures of the garbage and sed it to the department. This app is developed by Sialkot Waste Management Company (SWMC). Currently, this app covers only the urban area of Sialkot city. Simply you file a complaint; Supervisor of the relevant Union Council will get alert and he will resolve the complain and send pictures to the person who has added the complain, after resolving it.

Sarkar Sialkot

The intention behind developing this app is to bridge the gap between public and public servants. You can use this app to contact with and complaint about Revenue, Health, Education and Local Government Departments' officials of all four tehsils; Sialkot, Pasroor, Sambrial, and Daska.

SLTS (Sialkot Litigation Tracking System)

Citizens can track the status of their court cases by just selecting court type and enter his name.

Sialkot Patient Referal System

It is currently for hospital staff only. They will add patient's clinical info before referring to other hospitals. So the hospital, where this patient is being referred, will get alert before the arrival of the patient and they will get necessary preparations in emergency cases. Soon it will be available to all government hospitals of Punjab.

Salaam Sialkot

User will get online information regarding services offered by the district government of Sialkot. These services include Domicile, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Nikkah certificate, Divorce Certificate, Character Certificate, Passport, Identity Card, Driving License, Property Transfer, health and education facilities, Services for  Disabled/ Specially Able Persons and employment opportunities for unemployed people etc.

Toll-Free Helpline

A helpline (0800-15050) has also been introduced where people of Sialkot can get information.

Sialkot District Government launched 06 Mobile Apps for Public Friendly E-Governance

Sialkot is the 13th largest city of Pakistan and it is an industrial city. There are many big private industries in this city. It is part of the Golden Triangle of Industrial Cities; which include Sialkot, Gujrat, and Gujranwala. All these three cities have developed a number of industries in various fields. There is also Pakistan's first privately owned public airport in Sialkot and now they are also planning to launch their own airline, AirSial. It all shows that the public of this city is very ambitious and hardworking so it is their right to have such government facilities like online mobile apps to get government assistance when needed. 
Such type of mobile apps is the need of the hour and should be available in all district and for every citizen of Pakistan regardless he is living in any district or living in urban or rural areas.

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