How to get Police Character Certificate in Pakistan

Police Character Certificate is a legal document issued by the local Police Station and District Police Office. It shows the character history or criminal record of the holder during the specified period of his stay in the area or city. Police Character Certificate is required for applying for a visa or traveling abroad, jobs in different organizations abroad, immigration, admission and for many other legal requirements etc. 

Police Character Certificate is also known as Police Clearance Certificate or Police Clearance Letter in other countries and cities. In big cities of Pakistan like Karachi, there are separate police departments to issue Police Character Certificate. 

The applicant has to visit the concerned Police station or office personally to apply for the character certificate. Currently, the facility of online application submission is not available. If the applicant is out of the country the form can be submitted by any blood relative (brother, father, mother, sister etc.) with authority letter. Authority letter with the stamp of Embassy / Consulates / High Commission / Police Station / Notary Public / Education Institute / or office organization where the applicant is working.
How to get Police Character Certificate in Pakistan

Police Character Certificate Pakistan Procedure

Police Character Certificate can be obtained by submitting a duly filled application form along with the following supporting documents. The local Police Station will check their record and will also make an inquiry from the area where you were residing. You may also be interviewed on the phone or be asked to show up for an in-person interview. Once the verification is done, Police Character Certificate will be issued by the concerned police authorities of the city.
The procedure and format of the certificate might be slightly different in different provinces or cities.

Police Character Certificate in Punjab

Punjab Police Khidmat Markaz

Previously, getting a character certificate was a complex and time-taking process not just for citizens but for the police too. PKM has simplified and made it time-efficient. The citizen can now apply for Character Certificate from any center all over Punjab rather than physically visiting that particular district/address for which character certificate is required. For example, if the citizen is currently living in Lahore and wants to get a certificate from Faisalabad (where he/she lived previously), he/she can apply for it directly from PKM in Lahore instead of going all the way to Faisalabad.

Required Documents for Application for Character Certificate

  • Filled application form
  • 03 Passport size photographs (with light blue background un-attested) 
  • Original and a copy of CNIC or B-Form
  • 02 Copies of CNIC (Attested by Gazetted Officer)
  • Original and a copy of Passport
  • Affidavit of Rs. 50 explaining the reason for obtaining a police character certificate and testifying that the information provided is accurate (Duly attested by Oath Commissioner)
  • Authority Letter (If the applicant is abroad)
Urdu Instructions about Police Character Certificate

Fee for Police Character Certificate

Rs. 350 is the fee for issuance of a Police Character Certificate from Punjab Police Khidmat Markaz. The fee can be deposited at one of the counters of PKM. This certificate will be delivered through courier service. 

Completion Time

It can take approximately 3 working days for issuance of the character certificate after submission of all the required documents in the concerned Police Department. Completion time can vary depending upon the complexity of each case.

Track the Status of Your Application

Visit PKM Website, select district, enter CNIC, passport number and proceeding country to track the status of your application.

How to Verify Police Character Certificate

Visit PKM Website and enter the required details to verify any character certificate or general police verification certificate. So with the help of this online system, any person or organization or embassy can easily verify character certificates. 

Police Character Certificate Format

Police character certificate issued by Lahore Police has an official serial number and date of issue with the name, father name, CNIC, passport number and photo of the holder. It also shows the place and period of stay.
It is valid for 180 days from the date of issuance. It also has a QR code and its authenticity can be verified through QR code.
Police Character Certificate Format

General Police Verification

General Police Verification is a different and separate document which is also issued by Khidmat Markaz. It is required for job application in different organizations in Pakistan. It is also valid for servants, maids and other workers verification before hiring them for the job. A citizen can get the certificate by visiting nearby PKM along with original and 02 photocopies of the CNIC.


Police Character Certificate in Islamabad

Visit Citizen Service Center F-6/1 Islamabad or nearest Model Police Stations with the following documents.
  1. 02 Passport size photos
  2. Photocopy of Passport
  3. Photocopy of CNIC
  4. Residence Proof in Islamabad
  5. Original NOC (Only for Government/Semi Govt. Servants).
  6. In case the applicant is living in Abroad (Affidavit and authority letter of blood relation or next of kin.)
  7. After the submission of the application, the verification process will start. 
  8. Character Certificate will be Issued or Denied accordingly. 
Collect Character Certificate after 72 hours from Citizen Service Center F-6/1 Islamabad or concerned stations where application submitted.

Police Character Certificate in KPK

  1. Write a simple application on a blank page for a police clearance certificate.
  2. Submit an application along with CNIC, passport copy and 2 pictures in SP office to get his signature on the application then take that application form to the local police station of your city or area.
  3. Submit the file with all requisite details in the local Police Station.
  4. The case will be referred for inquiry. 
  5. If there is nothing adverse against the applicant a printed Police Clearance Certificate will be issued to the applicant after obtaining his/her thumb impression and picture.

Unfortunately, we could not get verified information regarding getting a Police character certificate from other provinces but the procedure is almost the same for Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and AJK. You can visit the nearest Police office in big cities e.g Karachi, Lahore etc.

Note: An applicant might need to get multiple character certificates from relevant Police departments if he had stayed at different cities or different places within a big city.


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