How to get Police Clearance Certificate for Vehicles in Punjab, Pakistan

It is very important to make sure that the second-hand vehicle which you are going to buy is not only mechanically fit but also its documents are genuine and have not any Police record associated with it. If a citizen wants to purchase a vehicle he needs to make sure that the vehicle is not stolen and has no record in any police station.
There are many ways to check how much a car is physically fit. You can visit the following post in this regard:
Checklist for buying used cars in Pakistan

But when we talk about the legal status of a vehicle, we must get check it from some reliable and official sources. We have created a list of vehicle verification services of all provinces. Visit the following URL and you will see complete guidelines about how to check vehicle registration details:
MTMIS - Online Vehicle Verification Services in Pakistan

Although MTMIS provides official details about any vehicle, car etc. but if you want a clearance certificate from Police, you have to follow a different procedure. In this post, I will show you all the necessary information for getting Police clearance certificate of a vehicle.


How to get Police Clearance Certificate for Vehicles in Punjab

Punjab Facilitation Centers (Khidmat Markaz) provide a complete system for verification of a vehicle through Police Record and Forensic Expert Report. Vehicle Verification can be done by visiting any Khidmat Markaz with necessary documents; original and 2 copy of CNIC, original and 1 copy of documents of vehicle, 1 copy of CNIC of vehicle owner, 1 copy of NOC if vehicle is on the name of bank, 1 copy of TP message and Handover Documents if vehicle is imported. Click here to find the address and phone number of a Police Khidmat Markaz near you.
The processing fee is Rs. 300 for Motor Cycle and Rs. 1000 for Car, LTV and HTV. It will take about 30 minutes for on spot verification and the clearance certificate will be handed over to you.

To get vehicle clearance report from Rescue-15, Islamabad, click here.


  1. there should be a procedure for online clearance report (15 clearance). Like those of checking online Vehicle Registration Check through an App. So that when a person wants to purchase a used vehicle, he may have access that the proposed vehicle is having no charge of theft etc. thanks

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    2. Our system is crap Someone did file the Fake FIR on my Car and i am unable to update the status from AVLS Someone please help me out in this matter

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