Online Schools Complaint System launched by Government of Punjab

Although Prime Minister of Pakistan has launched Citizen Portal for resolution of any type of complaints about any federal, provincial or local government department, many departments have developed their own complaints management systems. Same is the case for the School Education Department, Government of Punjab as it has developed its independent complaint management system. On this system, any person can easily register its complaint against any private or public school of Punjab. 
Online Schools Complaint System launched by Government of Punjab

Visit SED's official website for complaints. Here you can select any of the two given options; Public School or Private School. On the next page, there are basically two sections; complaint detail and complainant information. Select the district and then school. Also select category, type and sub-type of the complaint from drop-down menus and type some description of your complaint. On the second section, give details about yourself. Also, state your relationship with the school; either you work at school, you are an ex-employee of the school, your child goes to school, you live in the school neighborhood etc.

It covers almost every type of complaints. There are five categories; which are further divided in types and sub-types:


  • AEO Visits
  • Insufficient Teachers
  • New School required
  • Proposed School Upgrade
  • School Timing
  • Text Books not received
  • Illegal Occupation in School
  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • School Funds
  • E-Transfer System


  • Boundary Wall
  • Class Rooms
  • Dangerous Building
  • Drinking Water
  • Electricity
  • Furniture
  • Playgrounds
  • Toilets

Teacher Behaviour 

  • Homework
  • Punctuality etc

Unfair Treatment

  • Corporal Punishment
  • Discrimination
  • Financial Extortion
  • Harassment


Above are some of the major complaint types. There are many others too.

If properly used, this system can play a groundbreaking role in the improvement of the quality in school level education. There are many problems which are being faced by teachers or students' parents and needed to be addressed but in the absence of any proper platform, it was not possible for the public to approach education department authorities for resolution of their education-related problems. But now this complaint system is easily accessible to anybody who has internet access. Alternately, you can call helpline 042-111 11 2020 against Public School.

On the other hand, you can also complain about private schools. You can complain about fee/ dues increase, high prices of syllabus/ books, low qualified/ untrained teaching staff, improper security, non-availability of clean water, cleanliness, irrelevant curriculum, non-availability of a playground and unregistered school etc. So if you face any of these issues, you can make use of this online facility to raise your voice and make a try to resolve the issue.


  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2019

    In Daska City ,Punjab , Pakistan the School NIMS Crammer School situated at 6 Number Chungi , Daska open the school and forced to the innocent students to come to school in this hot weather . As every body knows that Govt of Punjab announced summer vocations upto 14-aug-19 . It is requested to please action should be taken by EDO Sialkot to advise them to close the school immediately as per Govt instructions

  2. AnonymousJuly 05, 2019

    Kips colleg in channi chowk rawalpindi are not following the summer vacation schedule of punjab government this private college is being started on 8 July

  3. What about Punjab? Every School Charging fee for summer Vacation?
    Allied School Muhammad Ali Camps Daska.

  4. Allied School Chiniot is charging summer vacation fee.
    please guide what are the rules??

  5. Hello sir ma govt high school chakmubarak thasel bhalwal zila SARGODHA SAY 9TH MA SINCE STUDENT HO HAMARI CHOTI CHOTI GALTI KI WAJA SAY school say nikala ja raha ha hamari madat kare plzzzzz

  6. Respected Authorities.
    In our city named Khanqah Dogran district Sheikhupura, some teachers of Govt Asad Aziz Shaheed School are combined and are running an academy named Falcon academy and they force their students and the parents of their students to join their academy.To achieve their target ,they punish their students for no reason and do not teach them properly in the school saying "whatever you don't understand here in School,join the academy for better understanding of those topics". Where Government doesn't allow a Government employee to teach privately.
    Being a parent I teach my children very well and drop them in the school well prepared everyday, result is but the same.
    My children claimed a lot of times to their teachers that we study at home but in vain.
    I'm a financially not that much strong to afford the fees of these expensive and useless academies where focus is only on collecting money by hook or by crook not teaching.
    Kindly do a favor for the citizens of Khanqah Dogran.
    Waiting for your quick and favorable response.
    Thanks in Advance

    1. This website doesn't have any relation with any government department. This post is for information only. If you have any complaints, you should register your complaint at SED's official website. Link is given in the post above.

  7. Karachi baldia town 8E ma kal se papers se strt hn bachon ko civil dress ma bulaya hy or ofice bnd rakhen ge.

  8. Private schools are charging fees even schools are closed but not paying to teachers.
    Private teachers suffer alot in this corona time plx take a look on this matter

  9. Attock k saarey schools mn teachers transfer ho k aa chuki jab k abhi tak sis pe transfers open hi nahin hoin ab jin teacher s ki promotion hoi hey wo kahan jaen gey??jab k seats pehley hi filled hn??jesy mn ak divorced teacher hon meri ak beti hey shehr k andr koi seat nahin bachi saari siasi transfers ho chuki hn ,mn door jaon gi to meri beti ka kia bany ga kon uss ka khayaal rakhy ga?mujhy bhi please school no One mn jaga dey di jaey SST ki seat pe ,ya ye saari transfers cancells kr di jaen

  10. AnonymousJune 08, 2022

    Gujrat KY 1 school main Ani take bachoon ka garmiyon ki chutiyan nahi do gai

  11. AnonymousJune 13, 2022

    School band nai kar raha or bacho ko bohat marta ha

  12. Hlo sir chak no 171 government hie girl school chat sig Wala main becho sy 9th ki fee 5000 wasol kr rhi Hain teacher aur 10th class sart hi ni ki aur rules sab sy bura Aya h es school ka so please sir Viet this school teacher becho ka fiochr kharb rhi Hain

  13. Hy sir
    Sir AP k school ka nezaam bhot hi slow ha . AP ki Jo teacher Hain un ko bat karnay ka tareq ni ha

  14. Winter vocations ni day rahy

  15. AnonymousJune 02, 2023

    This is to draw your attention to the cheating happening somewhat openly in the board exams especially in the government institutions.
    Honest teachers are also being dragged by the heads of institution to assist in the cheating in practicals and also in the theoritical exams. We are pressurized to tell "vip" students the answers to the questions. Failing to do so leads to the phychological torture upto the point of either losing our integrity as a teacher or losing the job.

    We really need your help and support. I hope something productive can be done regarding this matter.

  16. AnonymousJune 14, 2023

    Sialkot main kids paradise school defance road summer camp laga rakha hai 2 month ky ley bachon ko har Hal main subho 6 bajy bolaty hai aur dopahr 12 bajy tak bithaty Hain .. please in ky khilaf koi action layin

  17. AnonymousJune 23, 2023

    Private school khud tu students sy 3 months ki fee wasool krty hain but teacher ko kuch nahin dyty during vacations teachers kahan sy gher chalain aur gher waloon ko kahan sy khilain pl. Help us

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