Pension and Gratuity Calculator of Pakistan

This Pension and Commutation Calculator is for all government employees of Pakistan; for federal and provincial employees. It can calculate pension and commutation automatically. You can calculate pension and commute very easily.

Generally, three main benefits are offered to government employees when they are leaving the service on retirement; GPF, Commutation (gratuity) and Pension. While employees may also cash their LPR, which is a one-year additional basic pay to the employee if he does not apply for 01 year LPR (leave pre-retirement). It is a “lump-sum” amount of money payable to a worker on leaving service.

  • GPF is the amount collected from the employee during the service in addition to profit (if opted for it).
  • Commutation (gratuity) is the lump sum amount paid at the end of the service. 
  • Pension is the amount paid to the retired employee monthly after his retirement.

A government employee can get pension and commutation in the following ways;
  1. Retirement at the age of 60 years.
  2. Retirement after completion of 25 years of service.
  3. If a government servant dies during service but after completion of at least 10 years of a regular job, his/ her family gets the pension.
Use of this calculator is very easy and simple. 
  • Put your last drawn basic pay including senior post allowance, personal pay and usual increment (if any).
  • Then enter total years of regular service. 6 months or more service will be counted as a full year.
  • Now enter your age which will be on your next birthday. If your age is only 1 day more than a complete year on your retirement date, it will be taken as a full year.
  • Now select your cadre. BPS 1~15 lies in staff cadre while BPS 16~22 lies in officer cadre.
  • Now enter orderly allowance (if you were drawn any).

You can also download Pension and Gratuity Calculator from the following URL.

For example, if your last drawn basic pay is Rs. 30,000, your age is 52 years and you have completed 29 years of service in the staff cadre. Then your gratuity/ lump sum commutation will be Rs. 1,449,846 and monthly pension will be Rs. 17,318. The monthly pension will gradually increase with the increase announced in the annual budget.

Note: Above calculator is developed for information purpose.

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