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Punjab Schools, Teachers and Students Details are now Online

School Education Department of Punjab has created a web portal to provide information to public about schools, teachers and students. More than 336,000 male and female teachers are serving in about 53,000 primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary schools to educate about 1,07,90,000 boys and girls students in the whole province of Punjab.

Search Teacher's Details

You can search data about any teacher by entering his name or CNIC number on following website:
CNIC number will give you information only about that particular teacher. But if you are searching by the name, you will get a district-wise list of all teachers who have the same name. You will see School Name, EMIS Code, Post, DOB, Posting in department and school dates etc.

Search Schools Details

Visit following web address:
Click on your district from the map.
A new page will open. Statistics of the district will be given on top while complete list of all schools will be shown below it. You can sort the list by Tehsil, Gender and School Level.
If you want to search school of your village or mohallah from this huge list, press Ctrl+F buttons from your keyboard and enter the name of your village or mohallah in the tiny box appeared. 
If you want further details of the school, click on the Emiscode of the school. Next page will show following details of the school:
Phone number of the school
Head name with scale
Head phone number
Total and covered area of the school
Number of classrooms, sections, computer lab, library and available books etc.
Established year and upgraded years
Basic and sports facilities
Teachers, staff and class-wise enrollment 
Education and present grade of the teachers with their posting dates etc.

Search Students Details

On the above page of the school, you can click on the class number under Enrollment tab. A new page will be opened where details of the students will be enlisted. Presently students data of the most of the schools is not available but hopefully it will also be available very soon.


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