Why YouTube is block in Pakistan

According to Time Magazine, the most popular invention in 2006 is YouTube. It is a free video sharing website which allows every individual to watch and share video clips, it’s a place where everyone can express their ideas, give comments, introduce company products, promotions of websites, social networking, advertise your business and also use for fun. Statistical data shows its third most visited websites and More than 100 million people are using YouTube worldwide and more than 65000 videos of different categories are uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis. 

YouTube was founded in 2005 February become very popular because of massive media attention, access for everyone to upload and share videos, used by business class for advertisements. It’s become a good tool to promote or prevents, critics any social, political movements. 

The best advantage of YouTube is not complicated for users, the website allows anyone to make and sign up an account for sharing, uploading and watching the videos. Others benefits are good quality for image and videos, free and fast access for every one, verity of videos, giving comments and feedback to news and someone, videos lectures broadcasting of videos worldwide, means of communications, using of Netflix online videos stores and free publicity of products, company, NGOs, school and university is the most advantages for every one. On another side there are some disadvantages of YouTube e.g. unsuitable videos, use against other religions, cultures, some time not access to YouTube server is a big problem. 
How to unblock YouTube in Pakistan without Proxy
Pakistan blocks YouTube when blasphemous videos were released on YouTube on 7th September 2012. Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to remove/ block all the unwanted videos for Pakistani users. But if we look the blocking of YouTube become meaningless because now there are many proxies for block YouTube. 

Beside Pakistan many other countries also block YouTube for different reasons, Armenia blocked because of elections unrests, China block for two times and even Germany also block after the court decision. After the London bomb blast in London UK governments wants to limit or block social media. YouTube also blocked in some states of India because of religious conflicts between Muslims and Hindus, and the world champions of freedom of expressions USA also block YouTube for some time in 2007. 

Many Islamic countries, blocked YouTube because of anti-Islamic videos, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Libya, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirate, and Saudi Arabia but now it’s open by many Islamic countries. 

Blocking of YouTube creates problems for students, teachers, researchers and businessmen. If we judge the cause of blocking in many countries it’s related to local and light issues, but the blocking of YouTube by many Muslims countries is a deep issue, like anti-Islamic videos or blasphemous content. 

In the first step, all the Muslims countries should be committed to addressing such problems, while YouTube administration should also take a step to prevent such elements that use YouTube against any religions, cultures and society. 

Government of Pakistan should ask YouTube administration to remove the anti-Islamic videos without any conditions. Muslims countries should also make a public platform like YouTube for their masses. 

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About Asad Khan: I Help Internet users in introducing new ideas about the latest technology. Because when you are using the internet you need tips related to internet usage. Currently, YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. So nowadays I work on ideas on how to unblock YouTube and Unblock Facebook proxy without any installation on your system.


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