SIM Verification Procedure for Overseas Pakistanis

Since the SIM re-verification process has been started, Overseas Pakistanis were very curious about the verification of their SIMs. Now Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued instructions for SIM verification of overseas Pakistanis. Verification of all SIMs is mandatory but Pakistanis living abroad may adopt any of the following procedure (whichever applicable to them):

For SIMs, present in Pakistan

If you are living abroad but your SIM is present in Pakistan, you can get the ownership of these SIMs changed to a family member who is in Pakistan. Such SIMs along with a relationship should be bought to franchise/service centers of the respective operator with the request for a change in ownership. Proof of relationship with the owner is required for reference.

For SIMs, Operating Overseas on International Roaming

Overseas Pakistanis who have Pakistani SIMs on international roaming don’t have to do anything except only keeping their SIMs active. Your SIM must be ON all the time till it is temporarily verified.

Mobile phone operators will prepare a list of numbers that are ACTIVE on intentional roaming. Preliminary verification of the subscriber with active roaming services will be carried out by respective service provider to assess the genuineness of the subscriber.

Overseas Pakistanis may be asked for basic information e.g. CNIC number, mother’s name, date and place of birth, etc. via a call to helpline. If preliminary verification is successfully done, CNIC number and SIM registered against it shall be tagged as “Temporarily Verified”. The last date for Biometric verification of these temporarily verified SIMs will be 31 March 2016.

This facility of temporary verification is not applicable to Pakistani SIMs operating in Afghanistan. However, SIMs on roaming in Afghanistan may be verified by the change in ownership.


If you are living abroad and your SIM is not on international roaming or you don't keep your SIM with you and you are also unable to change its ownership to any of your blood relatives, you can tell your mobile company the situation. Your SIM will be temporarily blocked/ become unavailable. However, you can get your SIM unblocked after verification on your return to Pakistan. The last date for verification of these mobile numbers is also 31 March 2016.

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